Paperback: My Life in the Thrill Kill Medical Cult


Paperback version of My Life in the Thrill Kill Medical Cult book.

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My Life in the Thrill Kill Medical Cult is an expose of what really happened behind the scenes in hospitals during the Pandemic. As revealed by an insider who was awoken to corruption due to the pandemic.  The official narrative about the new disease Covid-19 didn’t match up with what I was seeing. Censorship on and offline was increasing.

Let’s get deep in the weeds to discover some dark corners of healthcare. You’ll learn where the medical coding system came from and who was pulling the strings. More importantly, you’ll learn what their motivations are. I show you my sim city level view of what really went on behind closed hospital doors. We will explore the healthcare policies that killed so many people.

Medical surveillance was on the rise and contact tracing was the new favorite tool. Which quickly evolved into the idea of vaccine passports. If passports were to occur, they would have to be tied into medical records somehow. If vaccine passports would be the keys to re-enter society, those without them would be locked out. Forced to survive on their own, without any hope of support. You’ll get a chance to explore how this surveillance system has been erected. If this surveillance system has the potential to imprison you, the only way out is to educate yourself. Nobody can escape a prison they do not know they are in.

My Life in the Thrill Kill Medical Cult seeks to pull the curtain back on the medical system. Tracing vaccine history and the medical codes back to their origins. To help us unlearn lies we have been told and re-educate ourselves about the true nature of the healthcare system. We need to take control of our health for ourselves. As nature intended.