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Zowe worked in the medical coding industry for more than a decade. Early in her career, she opted to become an auditor and manager, which caught the attention of recruiters at Oxford University. She turned down offers from Stanford and the Mayo Clinic. Zowe’s prior laboratory expertise proved invaluable during the investigation of Covid-19 PCR fraud.

When vaccine mandates were implemented for healthcare staff, she resigned. After witnessing over a year of medically assisted murder and being forced to take a vaccine that harmed so many, the line in the sand was crossed. It seemed there was nowhere to turn, unable to return to her previous career or attend college to acquire a new skill over the same vaccine mandates. She began to expose Covid-19 fraud and share her unique perspective from insider knowledge.

Zowe’s work has appeared in The Last American Vagabond’s SubstackUnjected Substack, and Liberty Uncensored Newspaper. She has delivered public speeches at freedom festivals and has appeared on numerous podcasts.

Intellectual Integrity Statement:

The opinions I present are my own. I may or may not agree with the views of the content creators work that I share. Media is curated by myself and shared based on interest and relevance to the content in My Life in the Thrill Kill Medical Cult. I receive zero funding outside of donations through Substack, GiveSendGo, and my website. There are no affiliates or any other source of income which might compromise freedom of expression.

“You were meant to be FREE!”