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My career in medical coding put me in the right place at the right time. It became the scene of the one of the world largest scams in history. From where I sat, it was obvious something was very wrong in healthcare right from the beginning of the pandemic. The numbers, PCR testing, quarantine, and masking. No visitation allowed in hospitals right as they began experimenting on patients was a huge red flag to me. As I began to see the body count pile up, my job became unbearable. Things only got worse as injections began going into arms. I gave an interview on a podcast back in 2021 (Debra Gets Red Pilled) where I said these Covid injections are worse than all of the other vaccines combined. A few years down the road, scientists and researchers have evidence to support that statement. I had recently quit working for the cult when I gave that interview. I could no longer be a part of what was going on. Putting a Covid label on every death and then sending their relatives and inflated bill is where I drew the line.

Since then, I spent a year writing My Life in the Thrill Kill Medical Cult to document my experience and supporting research. Changing my life after quitting the cult was inevitable. The New World Order was forcing it on everyone. The only choice is how do you react to it? Going back to previous jobs was not an option for me due to mandates in those fields also. It was minimum wage job or the streets for me. Unless I got really creative.

The last thing I wanted to do was go back and participate in any traditional institution after learning how corrupt they are. I’d rather not participate in building my own prison. I had felt trapped by these institutions my entire life and I finally understand why. There has to be a better alternative than to simply accept “this is how it is”. For whatever time I have left, I’d like to pave a path toward a more free life for myself and for others.

Escaping the control grid pretty much amounts to going off grid. The threat of 5G and coming smart cities is apparent. The food system is compromised and access to food can be shut off at grocery stores. Access to banks can be shut off as we saw with the Canadian trucker protests. The housing market has become unaffordable to many. Parallel systems seems the best solution to afford people sovereignty over their lives. Going back to the land to heal it and myself is my new focus. I am looking to serve and give back to my community in the form of my knowledge and skills. I offer my knowledge in the book and healing animals holistically. Together we can co-create a parallel society that does not victimize and enslave us.

“You were meant to be FREE!”