The VAXXED Bus Experience

None of these stories should have to be told

April 21, 2024 by Zowe

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by those on the Vax-UnVAX bus are not necessarily the views of Children’s Health Defense.

When I first approached the bus, I was overcome with tears. It is palpable how many lives have been lost to Covid-19 hospital protocols and Covid-19 mRNA injections. Tragedies caused by other vaccines also mark the bus. Only a fraction of these stories are captured. The damage is far worse than what can be reflected in black and white. The VAXXED bus is completely unknown to many people. Some people find it difficult to tell their stories.  It is up to the awakened survivors to keep sounding the alarm. We hope that sharing these stories will help us win some battles in this war. A war that is still far from over.

It was a remarkable day. Medical freedom fighters gathered to remember those we have lost. We spoke out against the ones who have done us harm in hopes we could spare other lives by sharing the knowledge we have learned. My heart broke, but then it was filled with love and gratitude again. You know how dark the tales can get if you’ve seen the movie VAXXED. It is exceedingly challenging to comprehend that individuals may purposefully release poisons, drugs, or vaccines that are intended to cause harm or death. It is equally difficult for the people who signed the VAXXED bus to share their stories. Every soul in the building, can see the evil humanity is now facing. Strangely enough, that building was on a hospital campus. The least likely place to hold our meeting. We have all been called upon to stop the evil forces that have unleashed so much death upon us. We do what we can, and doing small things can make a big difference.

First, we increase awareness and begin the process of accepting what has transpired. The next step after acceptance is education. Holding those responsible for this accountable is the end goal. Discovering who is responsible for a century long global scheme to promote poisons labeled as “vaccines” is not easy. In the case of Covid-19 hospital protocols, the battle has spanned a period of four years. Courts across America and around the globe are still hearing cases on Covid-19 public health policies. Officials have been questioned for not providing preventative health education, and for treating Covid-19 patients with ventilators instead of the usual non-invasive methods first. Officials continue to deny accusations that they blocked the use of hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as alternative treatments, which is prohibited under the PREP act and EUA measures. Public health officials persist in suppressing critical voices, always insisting ‘vaccines are safe and effective‘. As if the more they repeat the messaging, the more people will believe it.

The CDC now tells us that Covid-19 can be treated like the flu. Really? So we never had to wear masks, shut down the economy, evacuate hospitals for the pandemic that never was, or accept regular PCR tests? That indicates nobody ever needed an experimental mRNA gene editing injection to save humanity, and patients didn’t need to die on ventilators with Remdesivir treatment.

None of the destruction we are now facing had to happen. None of the stories told on the VAXXED bus tour should have to be told. If you want to create a world without vaccine injury stories to tell, please share Dr Paul’s testimony with parents and anyone who might need to hear it. There will be a shift when enough people are exposed to this information and begin to question if they should take vaccines. For their game to be successful, they require our participation. If we stop playing, they lose.


Dr Paul Video CHD.TV

What does it take to ‘stop playing’ in your life? For me, it took resigning from my job and being unemployable. It took losing financial security and facing homelessness. Fighting for your kids to have medical freedom and informed consent cost Dr Paul his medical license. Stephen Joncus fought for Dr Paul, but the establishment will not back down. What they fail to realize, is they need us. If enough people walk out of what I now call “the medical cult”, the establishment would fall. We need an alternative way of getting well, a holistic system like we had before the Flexnor report. That time can come again. 

Boey’s mom never gave up on her, or fighting to save others from the fate that took her little girl. When she was fired, she took the next step by providing forbidden alternative therapies to people in their homes. Preventing them from going to a hospital where they might fall victim to the deadly hospital protocols. She saved lives with an all-volunteer crew and no budget. There was a 100% recovery rate, even in patients the cult sent home to die. If she could work miracles with next to nothing, we can all make a difference. May her plight inspire those inclined to forge a new path toward an alternative medical system. We can do this!!!

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