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Quitting Your Slave Job & Going Off Grid

What Is It Really Like?

by Zowe Smith Published on June 25, 2023


Growing up in Portlandia, the grid was part of the bedrock of our lives. Baked into every aspect of our lifestyle, yet invisible and overlooked. My parents and grandparents would tell stories of the dark ages, before widely available access to the grid. They made it sound like humans were not very good at providing for themselves. Apparently, Oregon trail pioneers had it pretty rough. None of their offspring wanted to continue to live like that. Even worse, they portrayed nature as the harshest of masters. To them, dependence on the grid meant security and comfort. Stories they told imprinted me with the same sense of dependence. Living off grid meant facing exposure to the elements, disease from unsanitary conditions, and working myself to death. It was only for the destitute that had no other choice.

Later in life, living off grid turned into a fantasy when conservationists promoted it as part of a sustainable lifestyle. It was a fantasy because implementing this lifestyle meant making some extreme changes. Many of them were inaccessible for most or simply ineffective.


The threat of losing power during the Scamdemic of 2020 was becoming evident. People in the UK could not afford power bills in the winter due to extremely inflated cost. People in Colorado had their power cut or restricted by their providers using smart meter technology. Probably the most worrisome trigger was when a simulation organized by Johns Hopkins & CHS resurfaced called Dark Winter. It played out a mass casualty event where all power is cut off at the worst possible time. If Event 201 was any indication, we might be in for a Dark Winter for real. It helps to be prepared.

The situation highlighted our dependence on the grid and the strings that come with it. Suddenly many awoke to the need to provide basic necessities for ourselves. Myself included. It wasn’t just a hippie fantasy anymore. This is about survival now. We are realizing that going from a place of complete dependence to self reliance is no small task. There is no road map or one size fits all way to go about it. Disconnecting from the grid is more difficult than starting off grid from the beginning. Many, like myself, are choosing to try that route.

Going off grid was the last thing I would have expected to do at one point in my life. Yet, with the above knowledge in mind, I set out to immerse myself in off grid living. For many reasons. To challenge myself and see if I could do it. To face my fears of dealing with exposure, lack of cleanliness, and possible starvation. These threats were present in all our lives and the fear it caused in many began to control them. I wanted to stay ahead of it and not fall victim to the fear mindset. One of the best ways to conquer a fear is to face it. So I set out to immerse myself in off grid life. Got a job on a farm and bought myself a tiny home.

On moving day, a lumberjack looking man, saw me packing up and asked where I was going? I’m going to live off grid, I said. He took one look at me. It had been the last week of my office job as a medical coder. My clothes and possessions told him I had lived in a city all my life. He told me how he grew up off grid and how hard it was. He then laughed and proclaimed, “you won’t last a week”!

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If you had told me going off grid meant I had to use an outhouse, I would have called it off. Sure, I learned all about compost toilets as a conservation educator. Even promoted them. My only real concern was the smell. I imagined a compost toilet would smell terribly. Poop sitting in a bucket in a small room? No thank-you! The outhouse didn’t seem much better. Not only did I have to deal with the smell, but I had to leave the comfort of my house to use it! It seemed so primitive and uncivilized.

My tiny house had a compost toilet but I planned to put in a regular flush toilet before I moved in. That idea went out the window very quickly when I realized all the plumbing issues it had. Given the fact I had no idea how to use a compost toilet, the outhouse was the best option. As outhouses go, it was a classy one with all the amenities. There was no smell when it was managed properly. It felt primitive but it was not nearly as bad as I made it out to be in my head. Using the compost toilet (eventually) wasn’t that bad either.

Going without heat would have been unthinkable to my city girl mentality. It was forced on me when my propane heater didn’t work. Snow fell overnight on multiple occasions at the top of the mountain that May. Summer followed quickly after, bringing with it heat waves. I thought I could do without AC because it wasn’t supposed to get hot. I was wrong. Turns out, passive heating and cooling works pretty well simply by opening and closing windows at the right time of day. I could get a ten degree temperature change just by doing that. Occasional discomfort for a few small hours a day was the highest price I paid.

Conservation educators frequently spoke about the need to reduce water use because it is a precious limited resource. Nothing could reduce your water use more than restricting your access to 25 gallons at a time. There were times my water pump didn’t have enough power and there was no running water at all. Water use was restricted and reused as much as possible. No more taking hour long showers. Hand washing was kept short or skipped if hands weren’t very dirty. Using wash rags and wipes helps. I even learned how to bathe with just a bowl of hot water! It didn’t take long until managing the water became a reflex.

The experience seems to have increased my tolerance to both temperature extremes. Now I try passive heating and cooling techniques on grid, before I ever touch a thermostat. Going without power or running water doesn’t phase me anymore. Off grid habits die hard. Now if I go somewhere without running water, I have a few ideas how to deal with that.


Nothing worked in the tiny house I purchased. It had rat damage and water damage. There was a broken doggie door leaving a hole big enough for a bear and I was in bear country. A bear would find my tiny dog and two cats to be either tasty snacks or fun playthings. The propane heater was broken, so it had no heat and there was no air conditioning. No hot water either. I purchased what I thought was a turn key ready home to avoid having to rough it. Yet that’s exactly what ended up happening.

Having to repair a few things on a used tiny house was to be expected but the size of this project was far bigger than I bargained for. There was nothing for it but to get to work fixing things. That’s exactly that I did. I watched video’s on how to repair things I knew I could do alone. Fortunately, I had tools and I knew how to use them. For the work I wasn’t confident doing myself, I reached out to my freedom network first. Between the workers on the farm and my freedom network we got it functioning again.

I might not have looked like I grew up in the back woods, but living out there came naturally to me. It felt like I knew what to do to all my life. I just never had any practice. Managing power and water quickly became second nature. I never learned how to work an RV and here I was with a far more complicated tiny house to learn. Yet in a few short weeks, I mastered how to run it. To the point I became tired of explaining it to others.


Something strange happened the very first week. In some ways, I would compare it to a week of hell. All my fears of going off grid manifested that first week. In truth, it was my first week of real freedom. It was invigorating despite the mishaps.

My sense of time got completely lost that week. I didn’t even know what day it was because out there, it didn’t matter. There was very limited access to WiFi. No phone calls, texts, or notifications of any kind could get through. There was no TV in sight. As someone who had made a living online, I can honestly say I cannot remember being unplugged like that. Except for childhood because we didn’t have the internet then. My only entertainment out there was books, downloaded music, walking in nature, and hanging out with the other farm worker.

I feel in love with nature all over again. My inner child that loved playing in the dirt returned. The excitement to learn and share with others ignited in me again. Curiosity about all the new plants and animals around me captivated my imagination. All day I was soaking in nature. Hiking in it. Gardening in it. Sometimes just sitting in a field listening to birds and the wind through the aspen trees. I didn’t need any other entertainment. As the world burned around me, I was able to experience serenity thanks to my newfound oneness with nature.

Before I knew it one day blended into the next. I was in the moment all the time now. Days would go by before I would remember to check in with the outside world. They began to worry about me or think I didn’t like them anymore. It was very hard for them to understand how limited my internet access was and how that created a barrier to maintaining constant contact with them. Until I experienced it, I couldn’t have imagined it either. They wondered if I needed more contact with the outside world but I didn’t miss it. Nor did I miss the podcasts that had helped wake me up. All that seemed to matter was my immediate surroundings and my house repair projects.

A calm began to take hold over the perpetual anger I had always felt. It was like I found a magic chill pill. Road rage became a thing of the past. The frustration you feel in a store when someone is taking forever to pay at the store, vanished. When people were in my way, I would wait patiently, rather than mutter under my breath and run to another aisle. Even the need to check the time a billion times a day faded. Worrying about where I had to be or what type of production quota I had to meet that day stopped entirely. Suddenly, I had an inner peace I never knew I had! A tolerance for stressful situations that seemed unfathomable to me before.

People generally go around in a time deficit because our slave jobs demand all our time. Our energy is a debt we work off every day. So we get angry when we feel someone cost us time because we feel offended our energy was stolen. Every little thing that disrupts our schedule can be grounds for an outburst. Until I stopped working my slave job, I thought that was just the way life was. I didn’t know it could be different. How refreshing to be wrong on this one!


Suddenly, the property owner decided to shut down the farm. My co-worker and I were given two weeks to move. Going back to the city life seemed unthinkable now. It wasn’t just anxiety over the possibility of having to go back to my slave job. I did much harder work on the farm than as a medical coder. It was about not wanting to perpetuate all the systems that enslave us by paying into them. It was about wanting to be in a cleaner environment and avoid all the pollution that comes with city life. Being able to fall asleep to the sounds of a forest at night is preferable to city lights and sirens. There was very low radiation levels out there and nobody sprayed weeds at all. Back in a city, I was anticipating long restless nights and insomnia. Also dealing with rage when I see chemical poisons sprayed on or around me. Worst of all was the thought of walking away from yet another garden before harvest time. A crying shame.

I had taken to the country life with such ease. As if it was an instinct that just needed reawakened again. My relationships to money and material goods completely changed. I felt like I was experiencing the world more like my tribal or Oregon trail pioneer ancestors did. They placed value on material goods only if they were tools to help them create products of their own. Bright shiny objects had zero value if they served no purpose. The need to make a certain amount of money seemed ridiculous now. You don’t need that much when you provide for yourself. I was even beginning to understand why the lumberjack man laughed at me when I told him I was going off grid. How wrong he was! Not only did I last more than a week, now it’s the only way I want to live.

When you are off grid, you are the master of your universe. It can be magically abundant or it can be miserable. The choice is yours. Don’t cut wood for a fire in winter? You’re going to deal with the consequences and be cold. If you do, the heat from your very own fire is far more rewarding than paying a power company. Very much the same as it feels so much more rewarding when you grow and harvest your own strawberries than if you pick some up at the store.

Mother nature sets the pace of your day. Not some faceless corporate entity. Hectic schedules and deadlines are non existent. Your busiest day is likely to be when you do a supply run to town but that is also an exciting trip when you don’t leave the property everyday. It’s an event everyone on the farm gets excited about. Driving to town is not a stressful. Usually the roads are clear of other cars and the sights are scenically beautiful. Very different from running to the store in a city where it feels more like running a gauntlet of red lights, traffic, and road rage.

After experiencing that kind of freedom, it is almost unfathomable to go back into the matrix. Being a worker bee no longer appeals because I now see all of the strings that come along with it. I realize now, it’s not about checking my pride by accepting a minimum wage job (now that my collage degree is useless, thanks to mandates). I was a slave at that job same as everyone else. Possibly worse, I was a slave to the debt that came with that collage degree. It was an illusion that making a decent income made me somehow more successful than some of my lesser earning, or lesser educated peers. All that did was make me a house slave as opposed to a field slave. Everyone loses in that situation.

“You can take the girl off the farm but you can’t take the farm out of the girl”

What off grid life means to me is taking responsibility for our own actions. It means ultimate freedom. Being the change I want to see in this world starts with going off grid for me. There are infinite possibilities of a better life from there. Going off grid was like walking through a fire. It strengthened and empowered me. I encourage anyone who is curious to try it for yourself and see!

No More Vaccine Mandates For Health Care Workers?

Or Just More Lip Service?

by Zowe Smith Published June 11, 2023


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What if I told you the reason healthcare workers were mandated to get COVID-19 vaccines was based on money, not health? If I told you the concept of no jab, no job in the cult is not new. Would that surprise you? The first wave of healthcare workers refusing to be vaccinated did not happen in 2021 when COVID-19 injections became available. It actually began way back in 2013 over mandatory flu vaccines for staff. CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) has a mandatory flu vaccination policy for healthcare workers using a Value Based Purchasing incentive program (VBP) which has been running for a decade now. If healthcare institutions want to keep getting maximum Medicare reimbursement, they better make sure all their staff get vaccinated.

The mandatory flu vaccine policy was hidden inside what I like to call the Un-Affordable Care Act. More commonly known as Obamacare, which established the VBP. Each fiscal year, alphabet agencies can rejoice with the bonuses they have awarded their friends for achieving high VBP scores. The scoring system controls policies and behavior by awarding points for certain quality markers. How did we end up with such an easily manipulable system you might wonder? Ultimately the trail ends, as it usually does, with CMS and CDC at the helm.

The CDC has a long history of recommending influenza vaccines for health care workers that began in 1984. According to Dr Meryl Nass, one man at the CDC is responsible for making flu vaccinations mandatory and tied to financial incentives. Dr. Ahmed Faruque even won an award for doing it. One of the CDC’s core functions is hosting and maintaining public health monitoring databases. The National Health Care Safety Network (NHSN) is their database for tracking healthcare associated infections. Dr Faruque made sure staff vaccination rate was a quality measure required to be reported to NHSN. If healthcare facilities fail to report to this database, or scores fall too low, Medicare reduces payments on all claims for the entire financial year. Losing that much revenue would bankrupt any cult institution. Any place that participates in the Medicare program is controlled under this policy.

Going as far back as 2010, the AMA’s Journal of Ethics argues that being a member of their cult, means you have a duty to give up your bodily autonomy for the greater good of public health. They openly admit flu vaccinations don’t work to achieve “herd immunity” anyway, they are for personal risk protection purposes. Studies sponsored by the AMA, show staff must be incentivized or coerced into taking vaccines to reach their targets of 90% or higher. Although I heard the number 80% thrown around a lot in the industry. AMA’s questionable “ethics” go so far as to site a case dating back to 1905 as the legal precedent for mandating vaccinations for staff during a health emergency. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised when a decade down the road, AMA and friends are enacting policies based on their stated (and debatable) ethics.


Official statistics show cult staff are not big on getting flu shots with a compliance rate consistently below 50% according to the NIH. Staff are the first ones to notice themselves and their co-workers getting sick every time they accept a flu shot. Just like I witnessed. No matter what incentives the cult tried, healthcare workers just would not get vaccinated anywhere near CMS and CDC’s target rates.

Some cult staff have been on the front lines, annually asserting their bodily autonomy by declining flu shots for a decade. Nurses banded together to fight unfair rules that compromised their medical freedom. The line in the sand for them was bodily autonomy. However, most of them still had to comply with wearing masks in public areas. Arguably masking is still negatively impacting their health and compromising their bodily autonomy. Further, it is a way of publicly shaming them and making it obvious to others which staff members did not comply.


Are these non-compliant cult staff aware of the fact flu vaccines have always been experimental? Dr Mark Geier says flu vaccines cannot possibly be tested properly because they change every year. All other vaccines require long term safety trials but not flu vaccines. It would be impossible to complete years of safety trials for an ever changing formula.

“Flu vaccine is basically an experimental vaccine that they want to give out to 300 million people every year”

Whatever this new COVID shot was, it had skipped safety trials and been rushed to market. It was a new and unproven technology, that sounded like genetic engineering. Causing many staff to question vaccines that hadn’t before. Skipping safety trials and rushing things can be dangerous under any conditions. Simply declaring something safe does not make it safe. Cult staff understand that, even if the general public does not. Being cautious might seem like common sense but it was not tolerated in the cult.

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Most people were aware the Biden administration mandated federal employees be vaccinated with COVID injections by Nov 22, 2021. A similar mandate was issued for most employers soon after. It got buried in the hype that healthcare staff were also mandated to be fully vaccinated. Many people attributed the vaccine mandate to the Biden administration because it was issued by the white house. According to the federal register, it is CMS and HHS working together to require healthcare staff be fully vaccinated. Of course with the backing of the CDC and the AMA. Medicare planned to enforce the policy by assigning inspectors that can show up randomly. Payments from Medicare can be stopped entirely for failure to comply.

CMS’s Omnibus COVID-19 Health Care Staff Vaccination policy was just like their flu policy but on steroids. Normally CMS is required to publish IFR (Interim Final Rule) changes in the federal register and allow for a comment period. This time, CMS waived all the proposed rule making steps, stating it was due to a public health emergency. At the same time CMS states they are not making the policy contingent on their being a public health emergency. The IFR went into effect immediately upon publishing. It required all healthcare staff, contract workers, and vendors to be fully vaccinated. All staff were mandated to also undergo weekly PCR testing unless they were fully vaccinated.

In 2010, the AMA and the WHO’s stance was that healthcare staff had the right to refuse vaccination. A decade later and their opinion flipped to giving HHS and CMS authority to require staff to be vaccinated. The AMA and WHO acknowledged the flu vaccine didn’t really stop infection then but now they just boldly lie about how effective the COVID shot is at stopping spread. The policy empowered healthcare employers to discriminate against unvaccinated staff and encouraged firing them. COVID mandates contain wording about violating title 7 of the civil rights act of 1964, which made it illegal to discriminate against any protected group. Unvaccinated is not one of those groups.

Exemptions had to be provided per international law. Something that is written in all the alphabet agencies documents. When flu season comes around, cult staff are simply told where to go get their flu shots. As the deadline approaches, staff begin to get reminders that have instructions for exemptions in the fine print. They don’t really want staff knowing about exemptions. There are only two accepted reasons to submit an exemption. Religious reasons or allergy to the shot. Natural immunity is completely ignored. There is no taking an IgG test to prove natural immunity instead of accepting a vaccine for flu or COVID. Yet the cult routinely runs an IgG for chicken pox (varicella) and allows staff to avoid vaccination if their results show natural immunity. Interesting double standard there.

Getting a medical exemption requires the staff member to see their physician. The doctor would have to certify in writing that you have had an allergy to the vaccine or one of it’s ingredients before. Usually the doctor has to submit supporting clinical documentation of a previous allergic event to support the claim. It’s required to go through this process every single year.

Allowable medical exemptions were fairly straight forward for flu shots but list became increasingly suspect for COVID. For the flu, a documented allergy to any of the ingredients would suffice. For COVID, they pretty much give every reason under the sun to get the shot even if you have been injured before. Official advice is to get the other brand next time! More reckless and unscientific advice. It gets more ridiculous from there and you can review the chart here.

Only certain religious exemptions were allowed for COVID but they had been unanimously accepted for flu. CMS also sent direction on prolonging the exemption questionnaire. The flu exemption form was usually a one page fill in the blank document. For COVID, a few pages were added on. A new requirement was added that human resources must review COVID vaccine exemptions. They can approve or deny the COVID religious exemption which was never part of the flu process.

This is the reason any staff refusing vaccination continue to be discriminated against and fired. It’s not really about health, it never was. Its about profit margins. It costs them a lot of money when staff don’t take their shots.


On January 2022, OSHA was forced to drop their mandatory vaccine policy. The supreme court ruled OSHA didn’t have authority to mandate vaccines while allowing CMS to continue their mandate for health staff. Apparently CMS does have that authority given to them because it was upheld in court! It didn’t sit well that the supreme court was not objective in their ruling and it was further challenged by 22 Attorney Generals. ICAN was in full support. They lobbied to get the CMS portion of the vaccine mandate dropped also.

Victory was finally achieved! The white house and CMS announced they would be walking back the mandatory COVID vaccine policy for healthcare workers on May 11th. The new policy doesn’t go into effect until August 4th 2023, but CMS stated they won’t be enforcing the vaccine mandate effective immediately. The VBP payment adjustments for financial year 2023 have also been suspended. For one glorious year, no cult staff have to worry about being mandated or coerced into getting a COVID or a flu vaccine! It’s the first year in almost a decade. A win this big truly is cause for celebration!


CMS may have stopped directly mandating COVID vaccination as a condition of hire, but they are still indirectly doing it. In 2024 the NHSN is still requiring quality reporting that is tied to CMS’s VBP program. In fact, they are demanding more info from healthcare, not less. There is no way to be excluded from NHSN data collection. COVID-19 staff vaccinations is still an active quality measure. Flu vaccinations too. The COVID vaccine quality measure was endorsed on July 2022, before the Biden administration announced ending the mandate on May 11th 2023. Yet, the NHSN quality measure for staff COVID vaccine was scheduled for review in spring on 2023 and we are now in summer. They are very late if they still plan to revise it. When the VBP program resumes in 2024, Medicare payments can still be adjusted by up to 5%.

That pesky VBP program which has been the crux of both flu and COVID vaccine requirements for staff remains in place. The AHA and friends are spinning the story as a voluntary removal of the mandate because it is no longer needed. They finally managed to incentivize and coerce enough healthcare staff to move the dot on vaccine compliance to 90%. Just like they always wanted to do. Doesn’t matter to them they had to fire, maim, and kill their own people to get it done. There is no remorse for what the staff who were fired have gone through. There is no compassion for those who were injured or died as a result of taking experimental shots. Nothing is said about how ineffective their shots were at stopping the spread or how their own logic written in their IFR has been proven to be entirely false. Under the new final rule, employers can still require staff to be vaccinated and it would appear they are encouraged to do so.

Medical freedom may have won an important battle but it would appear the war is not yet won.


Healthcare heroes that were fired for refusing the shot, have suffered not just financial loses, but loses of family and friends. No amount of money or apology could ever make up for that. Obviously, for the vaccine injured, there is no getting un-injected. Maybe they call them shots because once it’s done it’s about as hard to reverse as getting un-shot. Employers are not apologizing for that or offering compensation. Some employers are “inviting” staff back. Getting your job back seems to be the remedy here. It isn’t very helpful getting your job back if you can’t do the job anymore. Other employers still refuse to hire back unvaccinated staff.

The vaccine mandate effected over 17 million cult staff. Leaving a potential shortage of about 30% out of work. I can’t tell you if hospitals really are full now or verify if there are staffing shortages. Many would go back to work if they didn’t have to get the COVID shot. Boots on the ground reports to yours truly, tell of budget cutbacks and reducing staff again. The opposite of what MSM claims. Travel nurses and contract staff are getting laid off again, just like they did during 2020, when they said hospitals were overrun (they weren’t). I’m not holding my breath to see the floodgates open to re-hire staff on August 4th.

Would staff really want to go back after all that has transpired? Once I became aware of the murderous nature of the agenda in healthcare, I could not take part in it anymore. Does changing this policy make the healthcare industry beneficial to humanity again? It allows for more bodily autonomy which is a step in the right direction. I would argue healthcare is still acting as the cult and it is still harmful to it’s patients. Having the VBP program still incentivizing vaccine uptake by staff assures us not much will change. Loosing the mandatory COVID vaccine policy is great but it doesn’t get at the underlying issue. Something allopathic medicine is simply not designed to do. Until we are willing to peel back all the layers that constructed the medical cult and deal with each of them, their train will remain on track. Don’t forget, they are trying to kill us. Their ethics and ideology are based in eugenics and controlled by big harma. If it’s not this mandatory vaccine policy, or the VBP program, it will be something else.

Time to step out of their healthcare cult and create our own version of health care.

You were meant to be free


My Life in the Thrill Kill Medical Cult

by Zowe Smith Originally published on Unjected Substack April 21, 2023

Published on The Last American Vagabond Substack May 5, 2023

Some secrets were meant to be told. How the SCAMdemic woke up one medical worker to the overall evils of the current medical paradigm.

An Insider’s Perspective

As it turns out, my otherwise mind numbingly boring job as a medical coder became the scene of one of the worlds largest scams in history. I had a front row seat to the biggest show in town that nobody was allowed to see. Those tickets are now being handed to you and to future generations.

I had always wondered, how did Germans allow Hitler to heard an entire race of people into death camps? If I were alive then, would I have seen the truth through the propaganda? Would I have sheltered Jews in my attic? Why isn’t there a written account of how it all happened from a German civilian perspective? I would have really liked to learn that so I could identify the warning signs early on if history ever repeated itself. They say we are doomed to repeat history if we remain ignorant to it. I don’t know how many kids still learn about the holocaust in school anymore, but kids at my school learned about it. We were told that sometimes governments use propaganda, it’s bad, and it looks exactly like this one German campaign. Anything outside of this one template couldn’t possibly be lies from media or our government. What could they possibly have to hide? It’s not like they are corrupt like a cartel… Are they?

Medical coders spend all day reviewing electronic medical records. Radiology reports, nursing notes, vital signs, everything your provider does is recorded and sent to a database. From surgeries to drugs, every type of medical product can be represented with a code. Each code has a monetary value associated with it. Coders use various software programs to translate medical notes into a series of diagnosis and procedure codes. Codes are then submitted on insurance claims. A good coder will ensure physicians get the most pay per service and patients are covered by insurance. Medicare and other insurers are always seeking to deny claims and impose fines. It’s a bit of a game for coders to massage the codes in a way that maximizes payment without incurring risk of fines. Massaging the numbers for their benefit is what hospitals and physicians pay coders to do.

The Lies Begin

Mainstream media was reporting how hospitals would be overrun with Covid patients before “two weeks to flatten the curve” started. There were no Covid patients then. None. It was the pandemic that wasn’t. Laughable even. Two weeks to flatten the curve came and went but still very few admissions. People who did walk in the door had been avoiding coming in for so long they were now all critical. Some were beyond help, collapsing in the ER doorway. Collapsing critical patients were not the anticipated Covid-19 patients we had been told to expect. The wave of false positive PCR tests was yet to begin. No, the patient load in those early days were patients who were so afraid of going to the hospital, they avoided care long enough for their conditions to deteriorate to life threatening degrees. Covid admissions, however, didn’t increase until masking went into effect everywhere after months of lock downs.

Experts told us this new Covid-19 virus was going to kill more people than the flu. Yet the flu didn’t really kill anyone. People died with the flu, not because they caught a flu. Most people in healthcare knew that, it was not a secret. It is in their programming to blame the most acute condition as a cause of death. That concept is written into the medical coding guidelines. Creating the illusion flu kills when other conditions are almost always the root cause. Soon Covid patients did come in and some people became gravely ill and died with Covid.

Hospitals all over the nation publicly admitted that Covid-19 was a novel virus. Even the experts didn’t know how to treat it. All of the treatments for it were experimental. Protocols for reporting and tracking clinical trials or applying research codes on experimental therapies went out the window. The recommended therapy was to ventilate patients with supplemental oxygen if a patient’s blood oxygen level dropped below a certain number. Normally patients suffering from hypoxia, or low blood oxygen levels, would be treated with oxygen via a nasal cannula, that nose plug-looking contraption with long plastic tubes attached to an oxygen tank. Ventilation was normally a last resort. When placed on vents, one by one, the Covid-19 positive patients circled the drain and died. This created the illusion that Covid was the deadly disease we had been instructed to be afraid of. Still, out of all those cases, I only calculated a 0.003% death rate. Statistically, more people die every year from heart disease, medical malpractice, and car accidents. Still, the media continued sounding the alarm over how deadly Covid was.

Hospitals were in desperate need of funding after “two weeks to flatten the curve”. All our bread and butter services were cut off. Patients in the ICU had to be discharged and sent home early. Supplemental staff and various support service staff were laid off. Contract support staff was abruptly cut off to save money. Then the entire operating room schedule had to be cleared of any elective surgeries for months. Not even pandemic stimulus money could bail hospitals out after that. Entire departments were shut down and wings of hospitals were closed off due to lack of staff. Patient care areas were consolidated into central areas, making it appear our occupied bed numbers were maxed out. In reality, there were many, many empty beds. Media harped on the mantra that those working in healthcare were “heroes” for showing up to treat the onslaught on Covid patients. Instead, staff faced layoffs and furloughs. Raises and bonuses were cancelled. Hiring freezes ensued. Those still standing had to absorb the workload of staff lost. They were forced to work harder for the same money, setting the remaining staff up for burn out.

“U07.1” – One Code To Rule Them All

Was I the only one seeing this?! Surely other healthcare professionals were becoming alarmed with all of the inconsistencies happening around them. They must be questioning things too. The numbers from media sources did not match up to what was going on right before our eyes. They must have been suspicious about asymptomatic cases that were the bulk of Covid patients; that our own hospital data did not match HHS or WHO data.

As the Pandemic began gearing up, policies were put in place to keep patients out of hospitals. Quarantine and isolation measures were put in place. Suddenly hospitals became the scariest place to be in the whole world. Per policy, patients admitted with any condition must be placed into isolation with quarantine measures in place. They must be masked at all times. Their care team would be dressed up in hazmat suits from head to toe. Patients families were not allowed to be with them inside. Many patients were heavily drugged and strapped to their beds while their care teams experimented on them. Hospitals didn’t have infection control policies like that before Covid, not even for Ebola. This new virus came and changed everything. To my knowledge, a new virus doesn’t change everything we know about infection control or spread of disease overnight. No visitation made it suspiciously convenient that while providers are admittedly experimenting on patients, no witnesses were allowed to see what was being done to their loved ones.

Codes starting with J are respiratory diseases, B codes are virus identifiers that do not affect payment and must be listed after the primary disease, U07.1 is Covid-19 virus code

Then it happened. On April 1st 2020, an unprecedented update to the medical code system was implemented. A new code for the novel Covid-19 virus was created to track the Covid-19 pandemic. There was a standard once per year update to the code set. Normally developing a new code would take years, not months. New codes would just be released at the standard update time. The rules for how to apply this new virus code was an exception to almost every other rule for reporting viruses (exceptions being HIV and Zika). It afforded hospitals a bonus payment for a Covid diagnosisBonus payments of 20% were available to hospitals for reporting the new experimental drug codes they created for Remdesivir, convalescent plasma transfusions, and other drugs. Right about then, hospitals across the nation switched from using Hydroxychloroquine to Remdesivir almost exclusively. It was just one more item on a growing list of policies and procedures that contradicted everything we knew about treating disease up until then.

I watched the devastation from lock downs unfold for the next five months. Suicides and addictions increased in number and severity. Disturbingly so. The elderly were marginalized by virtualizing everything. Elderly had trouble using the required technology. Patients that depended on services that were no longer available found themselves turning to unhealthy solutions that landed them in the hospital. These were the deaths from fear and despair.

Gaslighting from others intensified the entire time. Each step of the way, I questioned things and spoke out about it to anyone who would listen. People’s responses always shocked me. Here I was, honestly recounting my first hand observations. They would tell me how crazy I was because they heard something different in the news. Often they would become angry with me for telling them the news was lying to them about hospitals being overrun with Covid patients. They would stop speaking to me and inviting me on outings. They would attach themselves to the stories told to them by the news and social media platforms over a real live human they could look in the eye. Someone who had never been a “crazy conspiracy theorist” before. I found myself isolated and shunned by the whole of society simply for speaking my truth. It was the beginning of the great silencing.

Where To Turn?

Censorship was so bad, I couldn’t find the resistance I desperately needed to find. My search kept coming up empty. One fateful day, The Last American Vagabond accidentally found me. Finding TLAV was akin to unlocking the keys to the kingdom of truth. I instinctively knew for the first six months of the scamdemic that media was lying and gaslighting us over what was really happening. Was Covid a distraction from something more sinister? TLAV was asking the same questions. Government has a long history of pointing at something seemingly important, only to do something far worse when nobody is paying attention. It’s the classic “look over there” sleight of hand trick. It was obvious to me by now nobody knew what was really going on, and worse, too few were seeking truth. Healthcare workers included. Censorship made it even more difficult for people to find anything truthful. You had to know where to look for it first. TLAV was a resource that was pointing at countless resources available to help people come to their own conclusions.

By then many experts had begun speaking out about vaccine development for Covid-19 and their concerns about it. All of them heavily censored for it of course. I set out to learn everything I could about vaccines. Somebody had to do it, very few in healthcare were. If an experimental injection that was developed at “warp speed”, should cause damage, I knew I would be in a position to see it. I couldn’t fathom why others in healthcare refused to do their due diligence. Using all of the same free resources available to them, I educated myself. Even then, I had only scratched the surface. I found more than enough information to be concerned about what was about to happen.

As the first jabs went into the first arms via drive through, I waited with baited breath. Dr. Ryan Cole issued a dire warning about “sitting back and pulling out the popcorn because we are about to watch something horrible happen to the population”. I kept an open mind and hoped that the warnings were wrong.

Lo and behold, the warnings were right. To my utter horror, healthcare professionals denied that an experimental “vaccine” could cause harm of any kind. Gaslighting patients about their vaccine injuries began instantly. Patients arrived immediately after being vaccinated having strokes, heart attacks, and with severe cases of Covid. Some were collapsing uncontrollably or having non stop seizure activity. Multi-system organ failure cases piled up. Strange blood disorders made an appearance and drugs normally used to treat blood disorders stopped working. Cancers began to progress to end stage almost overnight. Patients that didn’t have histories of chronic conditions. Patients that were perfectly healthy before being injected all had new major conditions. Slowly but surely, more and more cases like this arrived as injections became available to more people. Those who returned with unexplainable conditions were turned away because their doctors either denied anything was wrong or they didn’t know how to help them.

Mandates were issued that every adult in the world must be vaccinated in order to go back to normal. Injections were now available to the entire adult population. The mainstream media had no choice but to report certain cases of medical workers getting vaccinated and having severe reactions or dying afterwards. In spite of evidence of harm, the media repeated the mantra that vaccines are safe and effective. Even as the efficacy percentage began to plummet. Mask mandates were promised to be dropped for the vaccinated. In a bait-and-switch fashion, they weren’t. The media changed their tune and told everyone masks couldn’t be stopped until we reached herd immunity. Another number that kept changing. New variants of Covid were supposedly circulating that were making experimental injections less effective. Yet people had to keep taking the injections or lose their jobs. None of it made any logical sense. Nobody in healthcare was questioning any of it. They were enthusiastically avoiding any talk of vaccine associated harm, or evidence masks don’t work. In a clown world kind of move, they were doubling down on efforts to stop the spread that clearly wasn’t working. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. That is when I knew the vast majority of people in healthcare were perpetuating insanity. Either by being willfully ignorant or outright murdering people for profit.

Every hospital across the nation had the same mantra. The same insurance regulations with covid bonuses built in. The same stipulations of employment. Not a single hospital stood up to mandates or pushed back on letting patients die alone. Every single organization involved was like a unified front. They were clearly exploiting the pandemic for profit.

Worse, I noticed that contact tracing and medical record reporting was about to be connected to government databases beyond the CDC. Lots of information about patients was being tracked and recorded without their knowledge or consent. AI was being implemented as a weapon to detect things like vaccine uptake or hesitancy. After the scamdemic reared its ugly head, I lost what little trust I had in the CDC and every other alphabet agency. Whoever was behind the medical code system (and the associated reporting agencies) had an agenda. I thought it might be critical to learn what it was. I had no idea the darkness I would find under that rock.

The Plot Thickens

April 1 2022 another unprecedented code update went into effect. This time to launch codes to track refusal of vaccinations and boosters. Codes for past history of covid infection also went into effect. Codes for vaccine injuries called adverse reactions had been on the books for decades. Adverse reaction codes should have been available during the clinical trial phase. One of the main reasons there is a medical code system is for tracking clinical trials. Since December 6th 2020, jabs had been going into arms and healthcare providers had been seeing the effects. Vaccine development began in early January 2020. That would have been the time to create covid injection codes. Was the code update in April 2020 just an oversight in their haste? For more than 3 years? Surely there would be a code for reporting injuries in the next update. It seemed they thought of everything except enabling reporting and tracking of covid vaccination injuries or deaths. Unless they intended to make it impossible for injury reporting. If that was their goal, they couldn’t have planned it better.

Medical codes documenting people who do not take Covid-19 injection

The WHO has been entrusted with the management of the ICD and PCS medical code systems since 1948. The WHO developed their Med Safety app for vaccine injury self reporting. VAERS is the only other option and it is known for being inaccurate by design. Both methods are flawed because they require self reporting. Why isn’t WHO insisting on using the robust and well established international ICD system? Accuracy of reporting would be far greater with a system that doesn’t rely on self reporting. Integrity and accuracy would certainly go up if handled using the ICD system already in place. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that they never intended to track adverse events. This was clearly orchestrated to prevent reporting or tracking of vaccine injuries.

Next they were coming for me. Videos from our hospital began pointing the finger at remote staff as the problem, holdouts preventing the hospital from reaching its goal of 100% injection compliance rate. Bonuses were available to hospital administrators for 100% staff vaccination rates and competitions among hospitals continue to this day. Staff who never stepped foot inside a hospital or saw patients were suddenly the problem. Hospital vaccine policy was tied to Medicare payments. In order for hospitals to receive any money from Medicare, all staff had to be vaccinated for flu. Exemptions couldn’t be any more than 80% or no money for hospitals from Medicare. That would bankrupt any hospital, so they took their flu vaccination numbers seriously. I knew they were actively revising that policy for Covid injections. Giving it teeth. Teachers and military were already being fired for non compliance to vaccine mandates. I saw the devastation injections had inflicted on people. There was no way I was going to allow myself to be injected with that poison. I ventured to say they would have to kill me before I would submit. People say that is a bit extreme, but after what I witnessed, I beg to differ.

I would not have any part of murdering patients for profit. Labeling the deaths as Covid and then sending their family a bill. I had lost faith in the medical system many years prior when I fell victim to it. I learned the hard way the remedy is often worse than the disease. The system is designed to protect the doctors and their staff from you, the patient. Not the other way around. I was barely hanging on, just collecting a paycheck. I decided to quit before they could fire me. I would not be an accomplice to murder and I refused to let them label me as a statistic by allowing them to fire me over non-compliance to mandates.

I expected many other healthcare workers to follow suit. Some did, but not nearly enough. As the pressure to get the jab or lose your job went up, those with families to feed and bills to pay often gave in. They felt there was no alternative. Not having income from a reliable source was scarier than the jab. The rug was just pulled out from under me. Everything I had been trained to do was no longer an option. I could sympathize with the paralyzing fear of “what do I do now?!” All my work history, worthless in their market. The college education I still owed money on? Also worthless now. Mandates involving PCR testing, mask wearing, and vaccination had effectively changed my world as I knew it. It seemed I was the only one to get the memo. The whole experience made me realize the importance of entrepreneurship and local community market systems. It’s the only solution I can find, where mandates, licensing and regulations can’t take away a lifetime’s worth of work with the flick of a switch.

A Way Out

Owning something is really the only way to get ahead in this system. The phrase “you will own nothing and be happy” began circulating again online. It was heavily censored, which only served to draw more attention to it. Investing in something owned, debt free, might be an option to escape the prison bars that had been erected. It might be the only way to remain autonomous and free. Maybe that was why they didn’t want people encouraged to do their own thing and had to shut the article down.

The alternative lifestyle I had been speaking about at wildlife education events for more than twenty years was something I always wanted to do but never could. Inspired by Derick Broze’s book, Opting Out of the Technocratic State, I chose to seize this opportunity life handed me, to live the life I always wanted. Finding affordable housing and income outside their control grid was going to be key to survival. I began to research alternative forms of income going forward.

On the search for community, I found myself speaking to others who had been in healthcare and didn’t see what I saw. Some were aware of only a few discrepancies that happened. Maybe they heard about how ventilators were killing people faster but they didn’t know anything about how Remdesivir tied in. Some heard there were no viruses and covid was really just 5G sickness. There were so many things to point to, masks, PCR tests, vaccines. None of the theories were consistent with what I witnessed. As I spoke with them, I realized most were searching for answers. How could we have all lived through the same thing and not agree on what just happened?! That is how deep the censorship and propaganda goes.

That’s when I knew I had to write down what I just experienced. Many were aware by then we had just lived through something monumental. I realized I had a behind-the-scenes experience very few others were exposed to. Medical coding has always been about monitoring and cataloging disease progression in populations. All the records from every department get sent to one central repository. It’s like having a sim city level view of everything happening inside the system. A system that intentionally hides info “not required to do your job”. Keeping all the worker bees ignorant to what the other worker bees are doing. Most staff were only exposed to certain things within their little corner. I began writing a timeline of events. Anticipating it would turn into an article. Starting with the hospital talking about Wuhan virus coming to the USA through mandatory vaccinations for all. Highlighting the differences between MSM and reality. Research on vaccines included. I got deep in the weeds exploring where the medical codes came from to learn how and why they were being exploited for profit. The article grew into a book.

Uncovering more than a century of deceit, I could look back over my life and see how their wicked guiding principles played out without my knowledge. It’s how I came to call it the Medical Cult. I document all of it in my new book that is coming out soon called “My Life in the Thrill Kill Medical Cult.” You might call it a cult too after digesting all the info contained within its pages. It’s a time capsule. It’s an alternative perspective to what MSM crammed down our throats during the course of the scamdemic. It’s being released to the world very soon.

Thank you for reading and supporting my work!

You were meant to be free


Hiding Evidence Of Death By Injections With Statistics

by Zowe Smith Published May 27, 2023

Part 1: The Before Times


It was rare for a vaccine injury to happen during my career as a medical coder but there were codes available should one occur. T36-T50 codes were on the books for poisonings and adverse effects of all kinds of drugs, including vaccines. T88.xxxx series is for reporting complications following vaccines. Instructions are very clear about side effects of any kind, even if it is considered normal, they should be reported. Rash and soreness at the injection site would be reported as a complication despite media screaming at us all day long that rashes and soreness is totally normal. Media also denies that vaccines can cause seizures and joint problems, yet there are codes for reporting “post immunization encephalitis” G04.02 and “post immunization arthropathy” M02.2. If these “side effects” don’t happen, then why do we have codes for them? CDC published 4 severity categories for vaccine adverse events and they provide a link to the VAERS website for reporting them.

Mysteriously, there is no mention of the ICD-10 coding system that the CDC and the WHO mandates healthcare systems to use. As a medical coder, I never received any training on reporting to VAERS. I never even heard of it until Covid-19. We were extensively trained on disease and drug safety reporting to CDC.

What would it take for someone to be labeled as a vaccine injury in the before times? Your provider would first need to recognize the condition they are seeing is related to a vaccine. Which is extremely problematic for a variety of reasons. Physicians are taught that vaccines are the best invention since oxygen. Coverage of possible reactions, side effects, adverse events and even death are completely omitted from their education. Leaving your medical ‘expert’ with a gaping blind spot when it comes to identifying vaccine reactions of any kind. How can your doctor know what symptoms could manifest after vaccination if they never even read the package insert? It’s the document intended to tell your doctor what to look for and what to do should you have a reaction. Pharmacists are the designated experts other physicians turn to when they need information on drugs. Turns out not even your pharmacist is able to advise providers on possible adverse effects. They don’t receive training on it either. We certainly didn’t receive training as medical coders or auditors.

When a patient walks in with a rash, for example, doctors are likely to suspect allergic reaction first. They look for environmental, chemical or food sources. Things like peanuts, detergents, and bug bites. Often, there is no identifiable allergen. I’ve seen it 1000 times. Patient walks in with rash and gets diagnosed with an unknown allergen. If physicians cared to look in their medical record, they would have found recent vaccinations in an awful lot of cases of young children with unidentifiable rashes. Patients get prescribed epipens, antihistamines, steroids, and antibiotics to treat their symptoms. Perhaps the most important medical advice is completely absent. Avoiding re-exposure to the allergen. By not identifying a vaccine as an allergen, it sets patients up for even more severe reactions next time.

In the rare moment when a physician does suspect a vaccine could be causing a bad reaction, there is a very strong tendency to deny it. Notes would reflect doctors documenting Gillian barre, which their patient suffered just days after receiving a vaccination, was “not due to the vaccine”. Gillian barre just “spontaneously” developed as an auto-immune version of the disease. Same situation with bells palsy. Debate ensues online if bells palsy is an autoimmune condition or vaccine injury.

One can begin to understand the incredible odds against reporting vaccine injuries long before Covid. The physician has to recognize it and write it down first. Adverse events were often mistaken as allergies or other diseases. When adverse events were identified, codes for reporting which vaccine was to blame were vague. Yet there was a framework available. Serum vaccines, viral vaccines, or bacterial vaccines. There are even codes for adverse reactions to immunoglobulin injections, pertussis and smallpox vaccines specifically. Researchers, Medicare, CDC and WHO pull medical records using these codes to monitor safety of all of them.

Part 2: Emergency Use Everything


April 20th 2020 was the unprecedented day of an unscheduled coding update. The release of “the one code to rule them all” U07.1 Covid-19. It was for the sole purpose of introducing codes for tracking and reporting Covid cases using the ICD-10 coding system. The system that has been used internationally for tracking and reporting all diseases and causes of death for well over 50 years. With the update came an exception to viral infection reporting. After April 20th 2020, all a physician had to do was document they thought a patient had Covid-19 and that was clinically sufficient! No PCR test required, just the physicians medical opinion in written format, placed in the medical record. Suspiciously, the only other diseases to have this exception (section 2, H) were viruses Dr Fauci at the NIH had been involved in studying, HIV and Zika. Audit risk is extremely high when reporting a disease without clinical evidence to back it up, so these exceptions were almost never invoked. Instead, PCR tests were used to provide clinical evidence of infection.

The exception allowed, for the first time, a virus identifier code to be sequenced first. Coders were questioning this new coding advice because it was backwards. Virus identifier codes had no monetary value associated with them, and instructions said they could not be reported as a primary diagnosis. The primary diagnosis is the one insurance pays on. The first diagnosis is the main data point used for statistical reporting inside and outside the cult also. Before this update, a viral pneumonia case would be coded as pneumonia. A virus that causes a rash would be coded as a rash. Now all of these cases were to be labeled Covid-19 cases which would qualify for Covid bonus payments.

Not only was the new code U07.1 oddly supposed to be sequenced first but it wasn’t in Chapter 1: Certain Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (A00-B99). U07.1 Covid-19 wasn’t an A or B code as all other viral and bacterial identifiers are. There was room in the infectious disease chapter for code expansion, so it wasn’t as if they lacked room in the correct chapter. So why did they categorize Covid-19 as a U-code? Only someone who understands medical coding could even dream up such a question.

The answer is emergency use! The code U07.1 for Covid-19 is in the Chapter 22 (pg 101) Codes for special purposes and emergency use (U00-U85). In this chapter we find codes for EVALI, a vaping related lung disorder, Covid-19 and their term for long haul Covid-19.


For the duration of 2020 media relentlessly repeated their mantra that a safe and effective vaccine was going to get us out of the pandemic. After nearly a year of anticipation of what operation warp speed would bring, the waiting was over. On December 6th 2020, the hospital I worked for began administering Covid-19 vaccinations via drive-through. If there were to be any new codes relating to Covid-19, this would be the time to release them. During research and development would have been the time to create them. Operation warp speed began approximately March 2020. Experimental Covid injections had been in development and trials for almost a year by the time experimental injections started going into arms. January 2021, just a few weeks later, was the next scheduled coding update. The alphabet agencies that created and maintain the ICD coding system had proven their ability to release new codes almost immediately. With a year of advanced notice, surely they would create all the necessary codes for reporting poisonings and adverse effects in the next scheduled update. It would even be close to on-schedule if they did.

Pharmacovigilince programs had been established for all vaccine trial participants and civilians alike. For up to the next three years. Vigilance programs were run by vaccine manufacturers using data collected from medical records. Tasked with finding safety signals in the data. The need for tracking experimental vaccine uptake was abundantly clear. How would we know we’ve reached herd immunity if we couldn’t calculate the percentage of vaccinated people? Contact tracing was well underway and a Covid-19 registry was in the works. Signs all around pointed to an overwhelming effort to track and record every potential data point around Covid-19 and ensure all that data gets sent to the feds. A precedent had already been set indicating if WHO thought a code was needed, they would create one.

Part 3: Lying With Statistics


Two years into the PLANdemic, there were countless cases of vaccine harm. Despite the most intense censorship I have ever seen, people began to talk about it. More importantly the barriers that I detailed earlier, preventing physicians from recognizing vaccine reactions, started to come down. Mind you not without breaking past incredible pressure. Physicians like Dr ZelenkoDr Peter McCullughDr Ryan ColeDr Paul Thomas were publicly smeared and/or lost their license for refusing Covid-19 protocols and reporting harm from vaccines.

As I noticed right from the start, the harm from Covid-19 vaccines was proving to be worse than all of the other vaccines before them combined. It was becoming so obvious it was hard to ignoreVAERS is the reporting system managed by the CDC for vaccine injury reporting. A system that is said to capture only 1% of actual vaccine injuries. OpenVAERS was created by the people in 2020 to reflect a more accurate number. As of May 12th 2023, 2.4 million Americans have reported injuries to OpenVAERS. 1.5 million of those were Covid-19 experimental injections. That is about half the vaccine deaths in America of all time due to Covid-19 vaccines. More recent studies are reporting even higher numbers using a combination of data sets from CDC, VAERS, HHS, Census, WHO’s Vigibase and publicly reported data sets around the world. They figure as many as 36 million global deaths from Covid-19 vaccines!

What data are researchers pulling to get these numbers? What evidence were injured bringing with them to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program? ICD codes derived from medical records and the records themselves. ICD codes (full version 2.1.2) that get reported more consistently than voluntary programs, like WHO’s Medisafe app. ICD codes typically get reported within a week of discharge. Obviously the well established ICD system would be more expedient and reliable than VAERS, Vigibase, or even Open VAERS. The problem was there was no way to report vaccine injuries specifically due to Covid-19 vaccines. Instead vaccine injuries were reported as symptoms or the disease injured patients presented with.

The coding world is one of specificity. When researchers pull ICD codes to monitor safety signals, the more specific the code, the easier it is to find relevant data. There is a popular opinion among coders. Nonspecific codes that lead to useless information are junk codes. Coders were at the mercy of applying junk codes for Covid-19 vaccine injuries. If they were able to report them as vaccine injuries at all. Why was there a code for Z20.828 Contact and exposure to Covid-19, Z86.16 (pg32) history of Covid-19, all the different brands of Covid-19 vaccines, other drugs used to treat it, even codes to track the unvaccinated (Z28.310) but still no code for vaccine injury reporting?!

WHO quietly released THE code “U12.9 Covid-19 vaccines causing adverse effects in therapeutic use, unspecified” in January 2021. Shockingly, the fine print advises not to use the code for international comparison. To certify a Covid vaccine death WHO physicians should not be provided a copy of the coding guidelines. Those guidelines would clearly walk physicians down a decision tree instructing them to report even the slightest vaccine effect as an injury. Instead WHO thinks it’s somehow more objective if physicians tasked with certifying deaths should be prevented from having all the information. Buried even deeper in the WHO’s update 3 & 4, they explain how the code U12.9 cannot be used because medical coding software has not been updated to include it! Something that could be easily remedied in the same way they did it in April 2020. April Fool’s day.

To claim they don’t have the ability to update software when we do it everyday could be translated as saying they just don’t want to. It’s passive aggressive speech meaning they don’t want anyone to know there is a way to report vaccine harm and if anyone figures out there is, they need to be in control of how it is used. Because that data would be a huge smoking gun pointing at them and they can’t have that.

Further, reviewing American and Canadian coding advice, coders have asked about coding adverse reactions to vaccines and their advisors do not point to using U12.9. It’s as if they don’t know the code exists. How could this be? It came to me when I recalled a coding consultants advice, Dr Z. He frequently said errata did not get published in official code books or in coding software. WHO’s update 3 & 4 has been largely unpublished. It was not publicized by any party in the cult. Similar to errata from AMA, coders had to know updates could be posted there and to check periodically. That is why U12.9 adverse effects of Covid-19 vaccines is not being reported.

In order to discover this key code existed, a freedom of information request had to be sent to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) in the UK. Not any of the traditional coding advisory boards or healthcare officials. The statistical office. They explain deaths are tallied by death certificates using WHO criteria. A follow up request was sent almost a year later asking to quantify and break down the deaths. Office of National Statistics, UK declined to provide any data citing section 22A and explaining their intent to publish their analysis in the future. The FDA in the US was a little more bold in asking for 75 years to analyze their vaccine injury data when pressured under their own FOIA request.

This is how they are lying with statistics and hiding genocide via vaccines from you on purpose. If you are good with excel, you can locate their monthly mortality report. It shows a breakdown of code U12.9 Covid-19 vaccine causing adverse effects was only assigned 18 times in 3 years!!! Adverse event reporting for vaccine injuries is buried under 3 layers of barriers and entirely at the discretion of the WHO. Imagine how much higher the number 36 million would be with every single medical encounter honestly and transparently being reported? We might not ever know. The WHO and their partners in crime saw to that.

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You were meant to be free,


Debt – The Shackles of Our Enslavement

A Reality Bytes Series by Zowe Smith

Originally published on Liberty Uncensored Newspaper August 21, 2023


In early 2020, I had just walked away from everything I knew. I was wondering what to do next. Here was a chance to redesign my life! Should I continue my career as a medical coder? If not coding, then what? Should I go back to collage to learn something else? Also what kind of house should I live in?

Most people simply aren’t willing to make drastic changes in order to escape debt. Few even go down the rabbit hole to question how their lives could change without debt constantly hanging over their heads. We’ve all just come to accept it as the way life is. If you want to partake in life’s most basic necessities its implied you will incur debt. The cost of goods is far too high for most people to live within their means. Making it seem as though there is no choice but to take on debt in order to fit in and live a normal life.

If everyone around you is constantly stressed out and exhausted they probably aren’t living a healthy lifestyle. It’s the age of depression and anxiety, didn’t you know? We sacrifice our health in order to meet the demands of paying mortgages, car payments, credit card payments, utility bills, cable, internet, and insurance. How did any of these things get to be more important than our health or spending time with loved ones? When we say we are too busy for others, we are telling others them they are not a priority. I won’t speak for anyone else but my loved ones and my health are my highest priorities.


If there was a loophole to finding a better balance in life, I had to find it. A lifestyle focused on quality rather than productivity. I decided I was done feeling like a rat running on a wheel with nothing to show for it at the end of the day. I set out to find a job and a home that would not require me to go into debt. The choice was pretty much made for me when I could no longer work in healthcare. Can’t finance anything without proof of income!

Did you know we work 40% of the year to pay taxes? You have few options if working 40% of the year for a non representative government you don’t agree with isn’t your jam. Try entrepreneurship, work trade, or private contract work. Most traditional jobs will outsource their payroll and take taxes out before you ever see a check. It’s not choice to pay taxes or decide how much to pay when it’s taken before you ever see it. These few solutions allow you to choose. It may be the single biggest source of potential savings!

After taxes we work most of our rest of our time just to keep a roof over our head. Whether we go to collage or do skilled work, it’s the same. We feel exhausted as if we are drowning all the time. We are too busy for our hobbies or spending time in nature. Things we used to take for granted as part of life are now things we have to carve out precious seconds for.

We do this to ourselves out of fear of consequences. If you don’t keep up on payments, your credit could be ruined, making it difficult to find housing down the road. The worst of this fear lies in becoming homeless. Society will shame you if you don’t work. If you don’t keep up payments people will begin to question your trustworthiness. End up homeless, and people will treat you as if you are worthless. If fitting in with your peers is a priority, you’ll have to strap yourself in for the hamster ride.

Where does that leave us? If you’re thinking the system is rigged and there is no way around debt, you are not alone. This is the hamster wheel of our lives.


One of the first things I did was start crunching numbers because money is often the limiting factor. No matter how I calculated it, I kept coming up with the same answer. If I went back to collage to learn literally anything from a traditional university, I would never be able to pay off the loan before retirement. There were outstanding loans for my first degree which was then useless due to mandates that were only recently lifted. Earlier in my career one of my staff informed me student loans can be garnered from your retirement income if you fail to pay before retiring. You can’t wipe them out with bankruptcy either. The cost to benefit ratio doesn’t add up in my favor for college. The option of staying at my job had essentially been taken off the table. A new career was the only option left to earn an income.

The question to figuring out a new career became, how bad to did I want the lifestyle that comes with a job that requires a collage education? Sure they tend to earn more and have fancier titles. When you get right down to it, most people live in incremental amounts of debt to their income. Leaving most of us, who think we have decent paying jobs, actually living on more or less the same amount of pocket money. Educated folk end up paying far more in interest, collage tuition, and various forms of credit debt over their lifetimes than skilled trades. The illusion comes with credit. Higher earners get different credit deals than lower earners. Making it appear they lead luxurious lifestyles with expensive cars and huge mansions. Really, they are in just as much debt as everyone else.

Leading me to conclude college doesn’t pay and my focus should be on what kind of skills, products, or services I can offer to others if I seek to create a new income stream.


I realized my money was being held hostage when I tried to cash out my retirement to seed fund my new lifestyle. My employer wouldn’t let me take out my own money or choose how it was invested. There were penalties and interest rates for paying them back my money if I chose to use it early! How could that be, I had worked for it! It had to do with contracts my employers signed with their investment firm. Not only was my money being held hostage but they actually had the right to invest it however they saw fit. I tried to call my advisor and told them to remove big oil, big tech, and big pharma investments from my portfolio and they couldn’t do it. My only choice was to stop putting money in.


Cutting back on housing costs might be a way to reduce debt since it is the largest source for most people (next to taxes). It’s easier said than done. Most people don’t intend to stay in their home for the 30 year term. Interest rates and property taxes can change so fast homeowners can’t keep up even if they wanted to. They sell the home or risk foreclosure if they can’t pay. Almost nobody has the ability to buy a home for cash anymore, so forget about the idea of paying off the loan early to get your debt down. You might squeeze out a little more pocket change if you buy a house for less than your means. Usually there is hidden costs in repairs, so it’s not that great of a deal in the long run.

Renting doesn’t fare much better. Rent prices can change just as fast as the cost of homes. If you lose your job or the cost of rent changes, you are still required to pay or face the consequences. At least with home “ownership” there is the facade of paying it off one day and earning some equity. Rent money is just money down the hole every month.


Maybe, I could downsize to a smaller house or live outside a city? Would that save me enough money to be free from debt within my lifetime?

Alternative living requires alternative means of income. You’ll have to consider if you can work from a trailer park or boon-docking on some else’s land. Can you work a traditional job remotely or make your products within your tiny house? Solving these things is essential if your new lifestyle is to be sustainable. Traditional jobs aren’t realistic when you live too far outside a city. Everyone needs farm products and food. Learning a skill of producing those things is simple and would bring in funds.

Any online search will show you prices for land are just as much as any home. No savings there. What about undeveloped land, prices for that appear to be lower than any kind of developed property. Does that save you anything? It takes a lot of research to begin to understand the answer to that question is no. Purchasing raw land ends up costing just as much as a developed property when you factor in the cost of building permits and installation fees. It’s required to connect power, water, and sewer connections (or well and septic) and the costs add up fast. Then you run into zoning requirements, building codes, land use restrictions, which increase cost and dictate how it needs to be done. Turns out it’s illegal to just build your own home the way you see fit. Building one legally won’t save you any money and will still land you in massive debt.

The only way to avoid all this non sense is to do it yourself and make up your own rules. There are many other alternatives to consider. Van life, tiny house life, and natural building to name a few. If you aren’t careful these options can cost you the same amount as a regular home when all your costs are added up. Try buying an RV and a tow vehicle and you will come close to low end home costs. If land is beyond your budget after those purchases you will most likely have to pay rent at a trailer park and must abide by their rules. The costs are similar for tiny house dwellers. Natural buildings are said to cost between $10,000-20,000 in cost of materials but add in labor and other supplies and you are looking at more like $100,000. In addition to the cost of land. Few have that kind of cash on hand at any point in their lives. Going into debt to purchase some part of that is almost inevitable. If you built something entirely yourself you might save money but you will invest a considerable amount of time.

There is no easy path to getting out of debt. Not taking it on in the first place is the best strategy. For most of us it’s a bit late for that. If you’re on that boat there is hope. There is no universal bug out plan. It’s something you will have to plan for and work to manifest. Wouldn’t it be worth it to be able to own your own time, wealth and health again? I think so. That’s why I’ve already taken drastic steps to pay off my debt and change my life. I’ve already experienced more freedom than I thought possible since taking the plunge. The light keeps getting brighter at the end of the tunnel with each step I take.


You were meant to be free.