Exclusive! “People Were Dying Within Hours From The Shots” Warns Hospital Whistleblower

May 7, 2024

The Alex Jones Show

Alex Jones interviews ZOWE, a hospital whistleblower, about the deadly Covid shots

“people were dying within hours”

I was honored to be invited on the Alex Jones Show after my Children’s Health Defense Vaxxed bus interview caught his attention. I thought my interview would get lost in a sea of other hospital protocol horror stories. As it turns out, the useless knowledge I developed as a medical coder at various healthcare institutions has finally made itself useful.

Alex Jones is no stranger to controversy. Despite that, the phrase “Alex Jones was right!”, persists after 30 years of being on air. The controversy this interview brought to me is found in the comment section on banned.video. Normally, I couldn’t care less what people say about me. The truth community is on high alert for frauds, Covid-grifters, and controlled opposition. When this interview was released, trolls immediately attacked my credibility on every platform. Exactly the way good controlled op agents are trained to do. They said, “a coder is not a nurse”, “they work remote, not inside a hospital”, and made weird remarks about my CHD interview being in first person. I’m going to call out just one of them out as an example, medicalvetter777Arguing with psychos and trolls is best avoided, but for my rational audience, I shall clarify.

Coders usually work remote, but they can work inside hospitals as well. There are special CDI (clinical documentation improvement) positions that require employees to work on site. There are also leadership positions that have offices on campus. They often attend meetings and seminars in various hospitals. My first official coding job was at a hospital because they still had paper records. Records have transitioned to full electronic format, which enabled a transition of coding as a primarily remote role.

I don’t see how those details are relevant, however, because it doesn’t change how I speak about working at a healthcare institution. When you join the cuIt, you be become part of a “care team”. It doesn’t matter what service you provide individually, it’s all about the common goal. Soon you find yourself repeating “we did this practice” or “we did this therapy” as if you were a part of it. Coders often speak about the procedures performed in their hospitals in the same tense. It was not uncommon to hear a statement like “We did countless spinal fusions [at my hospital]” from coders in meetings. It’s hospital coder vernacular. Now you are all caught up.

If I ran an internet-based software company and I spoke of the data as if I were “seeing” trends in data collection fraud, would you say it wasn’t happening because I was not there? Would I have to live inside a server for people to believe me? Of course not! The world believed there was a pandemic based on the media telling you hospitals were overrun and showing scary computer-generated images of spike proteins and showing scary graphs. The media wasn’t inside the hospital either, but many people believed them. It is correct that I was not inside a hospital during 2020-2021, but that doesn’t mean what I have to say isn’t true. Medical records tell a story about someone’s life. Coding educators often train new coders to use the codes in a way that “paints a picture” of the encounter. I didn’t have to be physically present to understand what was going on. All the evidence is contained within the medical records.

One of those pieces of evidence is a report called the hospital census. This magical report told hospital admin how many employees are required to meet the patient demand. Supplies and resources are allocated based on a careful analysis of the census. It didn’t take a genius to notice the census was extremely low during most of 2020. The ability to view the census was provided to almost all staff, but it was revoked a few months into the pandemic. That was right around the time they began to furlough the healthcare heroes because hospitals were empty and going broke. When trolls like Medicalvetter777 tell you hospitals were over-run, they are lying. All it took was one glance at my paycheck to disprove that theory, and I didn’t need to be in a hospital to see that.

Lastly, anyone who knows me, knows I can’t shut up about disproving every aspect of the Covid scamdemic narrative. Podcasts shows began inviting me to speak about what I know in 2020. I have been on Truthzilla, Debra gets Red pilled, Liberty UncensoredRebunked, and AM Wake Up. They suggested I should start a channel or platform to get the message out. I took their advice and launched my telegram on Sept 2, 2021 and my Substack in November 2022. If you never heard of me until now, it doesn’t mean I just came out. Censorship is real folks and I have been fighting it for 4 years. It took that long, trying to scream this from the rooftops, to be heard by the legendary Alex Jones.

The Alex Jones Show

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