No More Vaccine Mandates For Health Care Workers?

Or Just More Lip Service?

by Zowe Smith Published June 11, 2023


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What if I told you the reason healthcare workers were mandated to get COVID-19 vaccines was based on money, not health? If I told you the concept of no jab, no job in the cult is not new. Would that surprise you? The first wave of healthcare workers refusing to be vaccinated did not happen in 2021 when COVID-19 injections became available. It actually began way back in 2013 over mandatory flu vaccines for staff. CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) has a mandatory flu vaccination policy for healthcare workers using a Value Based Purchasing incentive program (VBP) which has been running for a decade now. If healthcare institutions want to keep getting maximum Medicare reimbursement, they better make sure all their staff get vaccinated.

The mandatory flu vaccine policy was hidden inside what I like to call the Un-Affordable Care Act. More commonly known as Obamacare, which established the VBP. Each fiscal year, alphabet agencies can rejoice with the bonuses they have awarded their friends for achieving high VBP scores. The scoring system controls policies and behavior by awarding points for certain quality markers. How did we end up with such an easily manipulable system you might wonder? Ultimately the trail ends, as it usually does, with CMS and CDC at the helm.

The CDC has a long history of recommending influenza vaccines for health care workers that began in 1984. According to Dr Meryl Nass, one man at the CDC is responsible for making flu vaccinations mandatory and tied to financial incentives. Dr. Ahmed Faruque even won an award for doing it. One of the CDC’s core functions is hosting and maintaining public health monitoring databases. The National Health Care Safety Network (NHSN) is their database for tracking healthcare associated infections. Dr Faruque made sure staff vaccination rate was a quality measure required to be reported to NHSN. If healthcare facilities fail to report to this database, or scores fall too low, Medicare reduces payments on all claims for the entire financial year. Losing that much revenue would bankrupt any cult institution. Any place that participates in the Medicare program is controlled under this policy.

Going as far back as 2010, the AMA’s Journal of Ethics argues that being a member of their cult, means you have a duty to give up your bodily autonomy for the greater good of public health. They openly admit flu vaccinations don’t work to achieve “herd immunity” anyway, they are for personal risk protection purposes. Studies sponsored by the AMA, show staff must be incentivized or coerced into taking vaccines to reach their targets of 90% or higher. Although I heard the number 80% thrown around a lot in the industry. AMA’s questionable “ethics” go so far as to site a case dating back to 1905 as the legal precedent for mandating vaccinations for staff during a health emergency. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised when a decade down the road, AMA and friends are enacting policies based on their stated (and debatable) ethics.


Official statistics show cult staff are not big on getting flu shots with a compliance rate consistently below 50% according to the NIH. Staff are the first ones to notice themselves and their co-workers getting sick every time they accept a flu shot. Just like I witnessed. No matter what incentives the cult tried, healthcare workers just would not get vaccinated anywhere near CMS and CDC’s target rates.

Some cult staff have been on the front lines, annually asserting their bodily autonomy by declining flu shots for a decade. Nurses banded together to fight unfair rules that compromised their medical freedom. The line in the sand for them was bodily autonomy. However, most of them still had to comply with wearing masks in public areas. Arguably masking is still negatively impacting their health and compromising their bodily autonomy. Further, it is a way of publicly shaming them and making it obvious to others which staff members did not comply.


Are these non-compliant cult staff aware of the fact flu vaccines have always been experimental? Dr Mark Geier says flu vaccines cannot possibly be tested properly because they change every year. All other vaccines require long term safety trials but not flu vaccines. It would be impossible to complete years of safety trials for an ever changing formula.

“Flu vaccine is basically an experimental vaccine that they want to give out to 300 million people every year”

Whatever this new COVID shot was, it had skipped safety trials and been rushed to market. It was a new and unproven technology, that sounded like genetic engineering. Causing many staff to question vaccines that hadn’t before. Skipping safety trials and rushing things can be dangerous under any conditions. Simply declaring something safe does not make it safe. Cult staff understand that, even if the general public does not. Being cautious might seem like common sense but it was not tolerated in the cult.

My Life In The Thrill Kill Medical Cult is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.


Most people were aware the Biden administration mandated federal employees be vaccinated with COVID injections by Nov 22, 2021. A similar mandate was issued for most employers soon after. It got buried in the hype that healthcare staff were also mandated to be fully vaccinated. Many people attributed the vaccine mandate to the Biden administration because it was issued by the white house. According to the federal register, it is CMS and HHS working together to require healthcare staff be fully vaccinated. Of course with the backing of the CDC and the AMA. Medicare planned to enforce the policy by assigning inspectors that can show up randomly. Payments from Medicare can be stopped entirely for failure to comply.

CMS’s Omnibus COVID-19 Health Care Staff Vaccination policy was just like their flu policy but on steroids. Normally CMS is required to publish IFR (Interim Final Rule) changes in the federal register and allow for a comment period. This time, CMS waived all the proposed rule making steps, stating it was due to a public health emergency. At the same time CMS states they are not making the policy contingent on their being a public health emergency. The IFR went into effect immediately upon publishing. It required all healthcare staff, contract workers, and vendors to be fully vaccinated. All staff were mandated to also undergo weekly PCR testing unless they were fully vaccinated.

In 2010, the AMA and the WHO’s stance was that healthcare staff had the right to refuse vaccination. A decade later and their opinion flipped to giving HHS and CMS authority to require staff to be vaccinated. The AMA and WHO acknowledged the flu vaccine didn’t really stop infection then but now they just boldly lie about how effective the COVID shot is at stopping spread. The policy empowered healthcare employers to discriminate against unvaccinated staff and encouraged firing them. COVID mandates contain wording about violating title 7 of the civil rights act of 1964, which made it illegal to discriminate against any protected group. Unvaccinated is not one of those groups.

Exemptions had to be provided per international law. Something that is written in all the alphabet agencies documents. When flu season comes around, cult staff are simply told where to go get their flu shots. As the deadline approaches, staff begin to get reminders that have instructions for exemptions in the fine print. They don’t really want staff knowing about exemptions. There are only two accepted reasons to submit an exemption. Religious reasons or allergy to the shot. Natural immunity is completely ignored. There is no taking an IgG test to prove natural immunity instead of accepting a vaccine for flu or COVID. Yet the cult routinely runs an IgG for chicken pox (varicella) and allows staff to avoid vaccination if their results show natural immunity. Interesting double standard there.

Getting a medical exemption requires the staff member to see their physician. The doctor would have to certify in writing that you have had an allergy to the vaccine or one of it’s ingredients before. Usually the doctor has to submit supporting clinical documentation of a previous allergic event to support the claim. It’s required to go through this process every single year.

Allowable medical exemptions were fairly straight forward for flu shots but list became increasingly suspect for COVID. For the flu, a documented allergy to any of the ingredients would suffice. For COVID, they pretty much give every reason under the sun to get the shot even if you have been injured before. Official advice is to get the other brand next time! More reckless and unscientific advice. It gets more ridiculous from there and you can review the chart here.

Only certain religious exemptions were allowed for COVID but they had been unanimously accepted for flu. CMS also sent direction on prolonging the exemption questionnaire. The flu exemption form was usually a one page fill in the blank document. For COVID, a few pages were added on. A new requirement was added that human resources must review COVID vaccine exemptions. They can approve or deny the COVID religious exemption which was never part of the flu process.

This is the reason any staff refusing vaccination continue to be discriminated against and fired. It’s not really about health, it never was. Its about profit margins. It costs them a lot of money when staff don’t take their shots.


On January 2022, OSHA was forced to drop their mandatory vaccine policy. The supreme court ruled OSHA didn’t have authority to mandate vaccines while allowing CMS to continue their mandate for health staff. Apparently CMS does have that authority given to them because it was upheld in court! It didn’t sit well that the supreme court was not objective in their ruling and it was further challenged by 22 Attorney Generals. ICAN was in full support. They lobbied to get the CMS portion of the vaccine mandate dropped also.

Victory was finally achieved! The white house and CMS announced they would be walking back the mandatory COVID vaccine policy for healthcare workers on May 11th. The new policy doesn’t go into effect until August 4th 2023, but CMS stated they won’t be enforcing the vaccine mandate effective immediately. The VBP payment adjustments for financial year 2023 have also been suspended. For one glorious year, no cult staff have to worry about being mandated or coerced into getting a COVID or a flu vaccine! It’s the first year in almost a decade. A win this big truly is cause for celebration!


CMS may have stopped directly mandating COVID vaccination as a condition of hire, but they are still indirectly doing it. In 2024 the NHSN is still requiring quality reporting that is tied to CMS’s VBP program. In fact, they are demanding more info from healthcare, not less. There is no way to be excluded from NHSN data collection. COVID-19 staff vaccinations is still an active quality measure. Flu vaccinations too. The COVID vaccine quality measure was endorsed on July 2022, before the Biden administration announced ending the mandate on May 11th 2023. Yet, the NHSN quality measure for staff COVID vaccine was scheduled for review in spring on 2023 and we are now in summer. They are very late if they still plan to revise it. When the VBP program resumes in 2024, Medicare payments can still be adjusted by up to 5%.

That pesky VBP program which has been the crux of both flu and COVID vaccine requirements for staff remains in place. The AHA and friends are spinning the story as a voluntary removal of the mandate because it is no longer needed. They finally managed to incentivize and coerce enough healthcare staff to move the dot on vaccine compliance to 90%. Just like they always wanted to do. Doesn’t matter to them they had to fire, maim, and kill their own people to get it done. There is no remorse for what the staff who were fired have gone through. There is no compassion for those who were injured or died as a result of taking experimental shots. Nothing is said about how ineffective their shots were at stopping the spread or how their own logic written in their IFR has been proven to be entirely false. Under the new final rule, employers can still require staff to be vaccinated and it would appear they are encouraged to do so.

Medical freedom may have won an important battle but it would appear the war is not yet won.


Healthcare heroes that were fired for refusing the shot, have suffered not just financial loses, but loses of family and friends. No amount of money or apology could ever make up for that. Obviously, for the vaccine injured, there is no getting un-injected. Maybe they call them shots because once it’s done it’s about as hard to reverse as getting un-shot. Employers are not apologizing for that or offering compensation. Some employers are “inviting” staff back. Getting your job back seems to be the remedy here. It isn’t very helpful getting your job back if you can’t do the job anymore. Other employers still refuse to hire back unvaccinated staff.

The vaccine mandate effected over 17 million cult staff. Leaving a potential shortage of about 30% out of work. I can’t tell you if hospitals really are full now or verify if there are staffing shortages. Many would go back to work if they didn’t have to get the COVID shot. Boots on the ground reports to yours truly, tell of budget cutbacks and reducing staff again. The opposite of what MSM claims. Travel nurses and contract staff are getting laid off again, just like they did during 2020, when they said hospitals were overrun (they weren’t). I’m not holding my breath to see the floodgates open to re-hire staff on August 4th.

Would staff really want to go back after all that has transpired? Once I became aware of the murderous nature of the agenda in healthcare, I could not take part in it anymore. Does changing this policy make the healthcare industry beneficial to humanity again? It allows for more bodily autonomy which is a step in the right direction. I would argue healthcare is still acting as the cult and it is still harmful to it’s patients. Having the VBP program still incentivizing vaccine uptake by staff assures us not much will change. Loosing the mandatory COVID vaccine policy is great but it doesn’t get at the underlying issue. Something allopathic medicine is simply not designed to do. Until we are willing to peel back all the layers that constructed the medical cult and deal with each of them, their train will remain on track. Don’t forget, they are trying to kill us. Their ethics and ideology are based in eugenics and controlled by big harma. If it’s not this mandatory vaccine policy, or the VBP program, it will be something else.

Time to step out of their healthcare cult and create our own version of health care.

You were meant to be free