My Life in the Thrill Kill Medical Cult

by Zowe Smith Originally published on Unjected Substack April 21, 2023

Published on The Last American Vagabond Substack May 5, 2023

Some secrets were meant to be told. How the SCAMdemic woke up one medical worker to the overall evils of the current medical paradigm.

An Insider’s Perspective

As it turns out, my otherwise mind numbingly boring job as a medical coder became the scene of one of the worlds largest scams in history. I had a front row seat to the biggest show in town that nobody was allowed to see. Those tickets are now being handed to you and to future generations.

I had always wondered, how did Germans allow Hitler to heard an entire race of people into death camps? If I were alive then, would I have seen the truth through the propaganda? Would I have sheltered Jews in my attic? Why isn’t there a written account of how it all happened from a German civilian perspective? I would have really liked to learn that so I could identify the warning signs early on if history ever repeated itself. They say we are doomed to repeat history if we remain ignorant to it. I don’t know how many kids still learn about the holocaust in school anymore, but kids at my school learned about it. We were told that sometimes governments use propaganda, it’s bad, and it looks exactly like this one German campaign. Anything outside of this one template couldn’t possibly be lies from media or our government. What could they possibly have to hide? It’s not like they are corrupt like a cartel… Are they?

Medical coders spend all day reviewing electronic medical records. Radiology reports, nursing notes, vital signs, everything your provider does is recorded and sent to a database. From surgeries to drugs, every type of medical product can be represented with a code. Each code has a monetary value associated with it. Coders use various software programs to translate medical notes into a series of diagnosis and procedure codes. Codes are then submitted on insurance claims. A good coder will ensure physicians get the most pay per service and patients are covered by insurance. Medicare and other insurers are always seeking to deny claims and impose fines. It’s a bit of a game for coders to massage the codes in a way that maximizes payment without incurring risk of fines. Massaging the numbers for their benefit is what hospitals and physicians pay coders to do.

The Lies Begin

Mainstream media was reporting how hospitals would be overrun with Covid patients before “two weeks to flatten the curve” started. There were no Covid patients then. None. It was the pandemic that wasn’t. Laughable even. Two weeks to flatten the curve came and went but still very few admissions. People who did walk in the door had been avoiding coming in for so long they were now all critical. Some were beyond help, collapsing in the ER doorway. Collapsing critical patients were not the anticipated Covid-19 patients we had been told to expect. The wave of false positive PCR tests was yet to begin. No, the patient load in those early days were patients who were so afraid of going to the hospital, they avoided care long enough for their conditions to deteriorate to life threatening degrees. Covid admissions, however, didn’t increase until masking went into effect everywhere after months of lock downs.

Experts told us this new Covid-19 virus was going to kill more people than the flu. Yet the flu didn’t really kill anyone. People died with the flu, not because they caught a flu. Most people in healthcare knew that, it was not a secret. It is in their programming to blame the most acute condition as a cause of death. That concept is written into the medical coding guidelines. Creating the illusion flu kills when other conditions are almost always the root cause. Soon Covid patients did come in and some people became gravely ill and died with Covid.

Hospitals all over the nation publicly admitted that Covid-19 was a novel virus. Even the experts didn’t know how to treat it. All of the treatments for it were experimental. Protocols for reporting and tracking clinical trials or applying research codes on experimental therapies went out the window. The recommended therapy was to ventilate patients with supplemental oxygen if a patient’s blood oxygen level dropped below a certain number. Normally patients suffering from hypoxia, or low blood oxygen levels, would be treated with oxygen via a nasal cannula, that nose plug-looking contraption with long plastic tubes attached to an oxygen tank. Ventilation was normally a last resort. When placed on vents, one by one, the Covid-19 positive patients circled the drain and died. This created the illusion that Covid was the deadly disease we had been instructed to be afraid of. Still, out of all those cases, I only calculated a 0.003% death rate. Statistically, more people die every year from heart disease, medical malpractice, and car accidents. Still, the media continued sounding the alarm over how deadly Covid was.

Hospitals were in desperate need of funding after “two weeks to flatten the curve”. All our bread and butter services were cut off. Patients in the ICU had to be discharged and sent home early. Supplemental staff and various support service staff were laid off. Contract support staff was abruptly cut off to save money. Then the entire operating room schedule had to be cleared of any elective surgeries for months. Not even pandemic stimulus money could bail hospitals out after that. Entire departments were shut down and wings of hospitals were closed off due to lack of staff. Patient care areas were consolidated into central areas, making it appear our occupied bed numbers were maxed out. In reality, there were many, many empty beds. Media harped on the mantra that those working in healthcare were “heroes” for showing up to treat the onslaught on Covid patients. Instead, staff faced layoffs and furloughs. Raises and bonuses were cancelled. Hiring freezes ensued. Those still standing had to absorb the workload of staff lost. They were forced to work harder for the same money, setting the remaining staff up for burn out.

“U07.1” – One Code To Rule Them All

Was I the only one seeing this?! Surely other healthcare professionals were becoming alarmed with all of the inconsistencies happening around them. They must be questioning things too. The numbers from media sources did not match up to what was going on right before our eyes. They must have been suspicious about asymptomatic cases that were the bulk of Covid patients; that our own hospital data did not match HHS or WHO data.

As the Pandemic began gearing up, policies were put in place to keep patients out of hospitals. Quarantine and isolation measures were put in place. Suddenly hospitals became the scariest place to be in the whole world. Per policy, patients admitted with any condition must be placed into isolation with quarantine measures in place. They must be masked at all times. Their care team would be dressed up in hazmat suits from head to toe. Patients families were not allowed to be with them inside. Many patients were heavily drugged and strapped to their beds while their care teams experimented on them. Hospitals didn’t have infection control policies like that before Covid, not even for Ebola. This new virus came and changed everything. To my knowledge, a new virus doesn’t change everything we know about infection control or spread of disease overnight. No visitation made it suspiciously convenient that while providers are admittedly experimenting on patients, no witnesses were allowed to see what was being done to their loved ones.

Codes starting with J are respiratory diseases, B codes are virus identifiers that do not affect payment and must be listed after the primary disease, U07.1 is Covid-19 virus code

Then it happened. On April 1st 2020, an unprecedented update to the medical code system was implemented. A new code for the novel Covid-19 virus was created to track the Covid-19 pandemic. There was a standard once per year update to the code set. Normally developing a new code would take years, not months. New codes would just be released at the standard update time. The rules for how to apply this new virus code was an exception to almost every other rule for reporting viruses (exceptions being HIV and Zika). It afforded hospitals a bonus payment for a Covid diagnosisBonus payments of 20% were available to hospitals for reporting the new experimental drug codes they created for Remdesivir, convalescent plasma transfusions, and other drugs. Right about then, hospitals across the nation switched from using Hydroxychloroquine to Remdesivir almost exclusively. It was just one more item on a growing list of policies and procedures that contradicted everything we knew about treating disease up until then.

I watched the devastation from lock downs unfold for the next five months. Suicides and addictions increased in number and severity. Disturbingly so. The elderly were marginalized by virtualizing everything. Elderly had trouble using the required technology. Patients that depended on services that were no longer available found themselves turning to unhealthy solutions that landed them in the hospital. These were the deaths from fear and despair.

Gaslighting from others intensified the entire time. Each step of the way, I questioned things and spoke out about it to anyone who would listen. People’s responses always shocked me. Here I was, honestly recounting my first hand observations. They would tell me how crazy I was because they heard something different in the news. Often they would become angry with me for telling them the news was lying to them about hospitals being overrun with Covid patients. They would stop speaking to me and inviting me on outings. They would attach themselves to the stories told to them by the news and social media platforms over a real live human they could look in the eye. Someone who had never been a “crazy conspiracy theorist” before. I found myself isolated and shunned by the whole of society simply for speaking my truth. It was the beginning of the great silencing.

Where To Turn?

Censorship was so bad, I couldn’t find the resistance I desperately needed to find. My search kept coming up empty. One fateful day, The Last American Vagabond accidentally found me. Finding TLAV was akin to unlocking the keys to the kingdom of truth. I instinctively knew for the first six months of the scamdemic that media was lying and gaslighting us over what was really happening. Was Covid a distraction from something more sinister? TLAV was asking the same questions. Government has a long history of pointing at something seemingly important, only to do something far worse when nobody is paying attention. It’s the classic “look over there” sleight of hand trick. It was obvious to me by now nobody knew what was really going on, and worse, too few were seeking truth. Healthcare workers included. Censorship made it even more difficult for people to find anything truthful. You had to know where to look for it first. TLAV was a resource that was pointing at countless resources available to help people come to their own conclusions.

By then many experts had begun speaking out about vaccine development for Covid-19 and their concerns about it. All of them heavily censored for it of course. I set out to learn everything I could about vaccines. Somebody had to do it, very few in healthcare were. If an experimental injection that was developed at “warp speed”, should cause damage, I knew I would be in a position to see it. I couldn’t fathom why others in healthcare refused to do their due diligence. Using all of the same free resources available to them, I educated myself. Even then, I had only scratched the surface. I found more than enough information to be concerned about what was about to happen.

As the first jabs went into the first arms via drive through, I waited with baited breath. Dr. Ryan Cole issued a dire warning about “sitting back and pulling out the popcorn because we are about to watch something horrible happen to the population”. I kept an open mind and hoped that the warnings were wrong.

Lo and behold, the warnings were right. To my utter horror, healthcare professionals denied that an experimental “vaccine” could cause harm of any kind. Gaslighting patients about their vaccine injuries began instantly. Patients arrived immediately after being vaccinated having strokes, heart attacks, and with severe cases of Covid. Some were collapsing uncontrollably or having non stop seizure activity. Multi-system organ failure cases piled up. Strange blood disorders made an appearance and drugs normally used to treat blood disorders stopped working. Cancers began to progress to end stage almost overnight. Patients that didn’t have histories of chronic conditions. Patients that were perfectly healthy before being injected all had new major conditions. Slowly but surely, more and more cases like this arrived as injections became available to more people. Those who returned with unexplainable conditions were turned away because their doctors either denied anything was wrong or they didn’t know how to help them.

Mandates were issued that every adult in the world must be vaccinated in order to go back to normal. Injections were now available to the entire adult population. The mainstream media had no choice but to report certain cases of medical workers getting vaccinated and having severe reactions or dying afterwards. In spite of evidence of harm, the media repeated the mantra that vaccines are safe and effective. Even as the efficacy percentage began to plummet. Mask mandates were promised to be dropped for the vaccinated. In a bait-and-switch fashion, they weren’t. The media changed their tune and told everyone masks couldn’t be stopped until we reached herd immunity. Another number that kept changing. New variants of Covid were supposedly circulating that were making experimental injections less effective. Yet people had to keep taking the injections or lose their jobs. None of it made any logical sense. Nobody in healthcare was questioning any of it. They were enthusiastically avoiding any talk of vaccine associated harm, or evidence masks don’t work. In a clown world kind of move, they were doubling down on efforts to stop the spread that clearly wasn’t working. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. That is when I knew the vast majority of people in healthcare were perpetuating insanity. Either by being willfully ignorant or outright murdering people for profit.

Every hospital across the nation had the same mantra. The same insurance regulations with covid bonuses built in. The same stipulations of employment. Not a single hospital stood up to mandates or pushed back on letting patients die alone. Every single organization involved was like a unified front. They were clearly exploiting the pandemic for profit.

Worse, I noticed that contact tracing and medical record reporting was about to be connected to government databases beyond the CDC. Lots of information about patients was being tracked and recorded without their knowledge or consent. AI was being implemented as a weapon to detect things like vaccine uptake or hesitancy. After the scamdemic reared its ugly head, I lost what little trust I had in the CDC and every other alphabet agency. Whoever was behind the medical code system (and the associated reporting agencies) had an agenda. I thought it might be critical to learn what it was. I had no idea the darkness I would find under that rock.

The Plot Thickens

April 1 2022 another unprecedented code update went into effect. This time to launch codes to track refusal of vaccinations and boosters. Codes for past history of covid infection also went into effect. Codes for vaccine injuries called adverse reactions had been on the books for decades. Adverse reaction codes should have been available during the clinical trial phase. One of the main reasons there is a medical code system is for tracking clinical trials. Since December 6th 2020, jabs had been going into arms and healthcare providers had been seeing the effects. Vaccine development began in early January 2020. That would have been the time to create covid injection codes. Was the code update in April 2020 just an oversight in their haste? For more than 3 years? Surely there would be a code for reporting injuries in the next update. It seemed they thought of everything except enabling reporting and tracking of covid vaccination injuries or deaths. Unless they intended to make it impossible for injury reporting. If that was their goal, they couldn’t have planned it better.

Medical codes documenting people who do not take Covid-19 injection

The WHO has been entrusted with the management of the ICD and PCS medical code systems since 1948. The WHO developed their Med Safety app for vaccine injury self reporting. VAERS is the only other option and it is known for being inaccurate by design. Both methods are flawed because they require self reporting. Why isn’t WHO insisting on using the robust and well established international ICD system? Accuracy of reporting would be far greater with a system that doesn’t rely on self reporting. Integrity and accuracy would certainly go up if handled using the ICD system already in place. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that they never intended to track adverse events. This was clearly orchestrated to prevent reporting or tracking of vaccine injuries.

Next they were coming for me. Videos from our hospital began pointing the finger at remote staff as the problem, holdouts preventing the hospital from reaching its goal of 100% injection compliance rate. Bonuses were available to hospital administrators for 100% staff vaccination rates and competitions among hospitals continue to this day. Staff who never stepped foot inside a hospital or saw patients were suddenly the problem. Hospital vaccine policy was tied to Medicare payments. In order for hospitals to receive any money from Medicare, all staff had to be vaccinated for flu. Exemptions couldn’t be any more than 80% or no money for hospitals from Medicare. That would bankrupt any hospital, so they took their flu vaccination numbers seriously. I knew they were actively revising that policy for Covid injections. Giving it teeth. Teachers and military were already being fired for non compliance to vaccine mandates. I saw the devastation injections had inflicted on people. There was no way I was going to allow myself to be injected with that poison. I ventured to say they would have to kill me before I would submit. People say that is a bit extreme, but after what I witnessed, I beg to differ.

I would not have any part of murdering patients for profit. Labeling the deaths as Covid and then sending their family a bill. I had lost faith in the medical system many years prior when I fell victim to it. I learned the hard way the remedy is often worse than the disease. The system is designed to protect the doctors and their staff from you, the patient. Not the other way around. I was barely hanging on, just collecting a paycheck. I decided to quit before they could fire me. I would not be an accomplice to murder and I refused to let them label me as a statistic by allowing them to fire me over non-compliance to mandates.

I expected many other healthcare workers to follow suit. Some did, but not nearly enough. As the pressure to get the jab or lose your job went up, those with families to feed and bills to pay often gave in. They felt there was no alternative. Not having income from a reliable source was scarier than the jab. The rug was just pulled out from under me. Everything I had been trained to do was no longer an option. I could sympathize with the paralyzing fear of “what do I do now?!” All my work history, worthless in their market. The college education I still owed money on? Also worthless now. Mandates involving PCR testing, mask wearing, and vaccination had effectively changed my world as I knew it. It seemed I was the only one to get the memo. The whole experience made me realize the importance of entrepreneurship and local community market systems. It’s the only solution I can find, where mandates, licensing and regulations can’t take away a lifetime’s worth of work with the flick of a switch.

A Way Out

Owning something is really the only way to get ahead in this system. The phrase “you will own nothing and be happy” began circulating again online. It was heavily censored, which only served to draw more attention to it. Investing in something owned, debt free, might be an option to escape the prison bars that had been erected. It might be the only way to remain autonomous and free. Maybe that was why they didn’t want people encouraged to do their own thing and had to shut the article down.

The alternative lifestyle I had been speaking about at wildlife education events for more than twenty years was something I always wanted to do but never could. Inspired by Derick Broze’s book, Opting Out of the Technocratic State, I chose to seize this opportunity life handed me, to live the life I always wanted. Finding affordable housing and income outside their control grid was going to be key to survival. I began to research alternative forms of income going forward.

On the search for community, I found myself speaking to others who had been in healthcare and didn’t see what I saw. Some were aware of only a few discrepancies that happened. Maybe they heard about how ventilators were killing people faster but they didn’t know anything about how Remdesivir tied in. Some heard there were no viruses and covid was really just 5G sickness. There were so many things to point to, masks, PCR tests, vaccines. None of the theories were consistent with what I witnessed. As I spoke with them, I realized most were searching for answers. How could we have all lived through the same thing and not agree on what just happened?! That is how deep the censorship and propaganda goes.

That’s when I knew I had to write down what I just experienced. Many were aware by then we had just lived through something monumental. I realized I had a behind-the-scenes experience very few others were exposed to. Medical coding has always been about monitoring and cataloging disease progression in populations. All the records from every department get sent to one central repository. It’s like having a sim city level view of everything happening inside the system. A system that intentionally hides info “not required to do your job”. Keeping all the worker bees ignorant to what the other worker bees are doing. Most staff were only exposed to certain things within their little corner. I began writing a timeline of events. Anticipating it would turn into an article. Starting with the hospital talking about Wuhan virus coming to the USA through mandatory vaccinations for all. Highlighting the differences between MSM and reality. Research on vaccines included. I got deep in the weeds exploring where the medical codes came from to learn how and why they were being exploited for profit. The article grew into a book.

Uncovering more than a century of deceit, I could look back over my life and see how their wicked guiding principles played out without my knowledge. It’s how I came to call it the Medical Cult. I document all of it in my new book that is coming out soon called “My Life in the Thrill Kill Medical Cult.” You might call it a cult too after digesting all the info contained within its pages. It’s a time capsule. It’s an alternative perspective to what MSM crammed down our throats during the course of the scamdemic. It’s being released to the world very soon.

Thank you for reading and supporting my work!

You were meant to be free