Podcast Appearance on AM Wake Up

March 26, 2024

I had the privilege of joining the AM Wake Up Podcast for TLAV Tuesdays! It’s a laid back comedy centered talk show that is both informative and hilarious. If you are looking for a serious and professional type interview, this is not the one. For that, please join me for The People’s Study (formerly known as the VAXXED bus) event in Salem Oregon on April 15th. I will post that speech and event material here also.

If you prefer something more candid and authentic, this is the one for you. You’ll get the latest news about my censorship battle to publish my book My Life in the Thrill Kill Medical Cult. For once, I wasn’t the only one concerned about internet surveillance. We also cover the recent Baltimore bridge situation as the story was breaking.

You can find AM Wake Up on Rumble here or on Telegram here and many other places! Catch ‘em every morning.

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As Always, you were meant to be free.