TNP LIVE 04/02/2024 Monologue

I distinctly remember a phone call with a relative of mine about what a vaccine mandate would cost me as far as my livelihood. The person responded with, “You gotta do what you gotta do.”

If it came down to it, and that person who obeyed what they were told, and I, a pariah, an exile, was at the mercy of people of my own blood who wouldn’t lift a finger to stop my life from being ruined, then what good are friends?

Well, a lot of good. See, in my journeys in life I’ve encountered lots of wonderful people. I have felt the kindness of strangers in many hard times. This is something that has probably kept me going for this long to be absolutely real with you. But I was always reminded as a young man that I could always choose whom my friends were but not my family.

The friends and even family that I thought I had before 2020 didn’t all go away, just a lot of them have different goals in life. Mine is to have conversations like this, and to let people see and hear them. Not everyone I know can come along for a ride like that, but some people I’ve met doing this certainly can.

I bet in every walk of life there will be confidants and mentors to help guide folks on their way, good or bad. I really didn’t expect to meet such good people doing this.

When I say good people, I mean those who are selfless in their aims. People that live by and treat others by a code of non-aggression. People that seek truth, and won’t deny it because they at first thought differently. People that will reach out if they hear something bad happened or will celebrate life’s small victories in this world.

Maybe I shit on collectivism too much. Maybe not the State, because fuck the state, and the government too, but I mean the voluntary group of misfit anarchist pirates that occupy the TNP and AM WakeUp chats. People are gonna hear a lot from folks like us this year. And I agree with Ryan Cristian on the fact that we are having an effect.

There is no Shadowbanning us if you find others who would maybe like this kinda content and share it with them. Pack these streams with more angry pirates (RIP Patrice), and let’s bring hard times to the system instead of us all.

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