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The Thrill Kill Medical Cult Exposed on Rebunked.News

Check out my recent interview on Rebunked. Scott was one of the freedom fighters in Oregon during lock downs, masking, and vaccine roll out. The podcast that gave rise to Rebunked, Truthzilla was the first one I went on to expose the truth! Scott was one of the hosts. It’s been a wild ride exposing the truth all these years. I’m grateful to be back, still exposing medical murder for profit and surveillance in healthcare. – 


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Click here to watch the livestream tonight at 6:30pm ET on Rumble

Joining me this evening is Zowe Smith, medical coder whistleblower and author of the upcoming book “My Life In The Thrill Kill Medical Cult”. Rebunked/Truthzilla broke Zowe’s story back in 2021 and it is cool to see her finally breaking into the mainstream, having just appeared on The Alex Jones Show. Let’s dive in!

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