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The Deathwatch of 2020

We are all on deathwatch now.

Deathwatch: (noun) A vigil kept beside a dead or dying person. –

We are all on deathwatch now.

It began slowly. In January 2020, there were rumors of a new disease, a killer, circulating in Italy, Wuhan, China, and soon in a couple of cruise ships.

Then, the first predictive modeling came out, projecting 2.2 million deaths in the US and 510,000 in the UK. That predictive computer model turned out to be quite wrong, but it was enough in March 2020 to lockdown the United States and most of the rest of the world.

There was a deathwatch in March through most of 2020. We all held our breath those first few months and watched with some confusion and cautious relief as the COVID deaths failed to match the modeling, but we were still under all the repressive pandemic measures.

Behind the scenes, there was another kind of deathwatch in hospitals. People who were robust and youthful were dying unexpectedly. Our guest, Zowe Smith, was one of the early medical personnel who made notes and privately questioned what she was seeing.

In her unique position as a senior medical coder with a large hospital, Zowe had access to all the data streams. Her responsibility was to take the patient information collected in the hospital for each patient and send billings to the patient’s insurance company for payment. She saw patient data, diagnoses, progression of care, the evolution of the patient’s condition, and the ultimate resolution, either through discharge or because of death.

And data was just not adding up for Zowe. Procedures, patient care, treatment protocols, drug administration, and more were being changed in unusual ways. Most alarmingly, patients were dying in larger numbers after being on ventilators for weeks or more and after being prescribed Remdesivir.

When Operation Warp Speed rolled out the COVID-19 “vaccines” in January 2021 to first responders and other early recipients, Zowe saw further changes. Suddenly, different kinds of deaths began to occur–massive blood clots and other blood abnormalities chief among them.

From her unique insider perspective, Zowe offers us a chilling hour of detail on how patients died during the year of COVID and how they died when the “vaccines” rolled out. She provides a vivid description of the intentional blindness of bureaucracy in the face of a genuine epidemic of iatrogenic, doctor-caused death that continues to this day.

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