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Medical Coder Blows The Whistle On The COVID-19 Illusion-TLAV Interview

Joining me today is medical whistleblower, Zowe Smith, here to discuss what she witnessed during the alleged pandemic while working as a medical coder — one who translates medical data into standardized codes used for billing, insurance claims and medical research. All departments submit their codes for treatments given and actions taken, giving the medical coder a unique national medical overview, what Zowe describes as a “Sim-City-like view” of all that is taking place. She describes the illusion that was created using this system and the many different manipulations that took place, and are ongoing to this day; improper PCR testing, cycle threshold discrepancies, combination of flu and pneumonia with the presented COVID numbers, and the conflation of clear injection side effects with illusion of COVID-19. At its most basic level, this is medical fraud. Yet when considering the full breadth of willful deceptions and deadly fallout that followed, this rises undeniably to the level of medical genocide. 

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